Work Habits can make or break an entrepreneur working at home online.

Dream of working at home, making your own schedule, being your own boss?  Many budding entrepreneurs focus on the freedom and neglect to carry over some work habits and work ethics from their regular [W-2] job.  This neglect can cost you the success you crave.  And, keep success just out of reach.

So what are the work habits you already have that should be cultivated and what work habits for the entrepreneur should be revised?

  • Being a self starter, a person who takes pride in their work, is reliable, is on time and keeps to a schedule to get the job done are wonderful work habits that will translate into successful habits for the entrepreneur working at home.
  • Procrastination and having a need for supervision to perform the task are counter-productive to any work, but forecast disaster for someone working at home.

Keeping and cultivating the good habits and working to learn skills to improve on poor work habits can make the difference between success and disaster for the entrepreneur working at home.

  • A person, who needs or feels more comfortable with supervision to perform a task or complete it, will need to study the new job at hand.  Based on this information of what needs to be done to work online at home, a schedule must be made. The tasks are like a check list in the schedule.  Strict adherence to the schedule is a must.
  • A person who procrastinates will need to do some soul searching and really look to discover their very own passion in life.  For example: I have a need to be of help to people.  That passion led me to return to school to become a therapist, and now an entrepreneur.  When this passion is identified and focused upon,  procrastination fades away.

Scheduling is important for the self starter also.  The entrepreneur needs to make own schedule that puts enough time in areas that are required to complete.  Making sure the schedule is fluid to allow for change to meet the needs of a growing business is vital.

  • The beginning entrepreneur working at home will needs lots of learning and reading time followed by advertising and writing time to get leads.
  • Later the entrepreneur will need less time in the schedule to learn, and write and more to advertise.   Also, as the business starts to grow the entrepreneur will need to add time in schedule for cultivating leads and customers.

The good habits and work ethics are of great benefit for the work at home entrepreneur.  The less functional work habits can be modified and changed with some effort.  A person who takes the time to identify their passion and build upon it will have an easier time focusing their time for their own business.  Following your dream to become a successful online entrepreneur at home does require self discipline and work that is both similar and different from the W-2 employment.

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