Why YOU Need a Mentor.

You have heard the old sayings: “If all else fails, follow the directions.” and “There’s no substitute for experience.”  Both are sort of true, but each alone is not enough..

Without the directions you are wallowing and guessing about how something is done.  To learn a new skill like marketing or being an entrepreneur you need real good step by step clear directions [written, videos, webinars].  If they are sequential and clear you can get a good start at your learning.

If there is no substitute for experience, how do you get it?  By doing something by trial and error is the real long and hard way.  The “school of hard knocks” can work after a lot of time and hurt, perhaps wasted money and needless hardships.

A Mentor is the person with lots of successful experience who:  Takes you in hand to help you see how the book learning education really works and how to apply it.  A good mentor will hold you accountable for what you say you will do and be available for one on one meetings on a regular basis.  A good mentor will redirect you, clarify confusion and challenge you to grow.

My Story:

  • I remember when I was starting school to become a therapist.  My first husband was disabled and I “learned” a bunch of tricks and skills along the way from professionals and “common sense”.  This experience gave me the desire to train as a therapist to fulfill my passion of wanting to help people after he had died.
  • Going to school [following the directions] was the legal way to go to attain my goal.  I attended the University of Pittsburgh for Occupational Therapy.  The classes were informative as were the application lab time.
  • My classmates and I thought we knew a lot and were ready to go out and “fix” the world.
  • Then came the shock:  The last 6 months of our education was internships in two types of facilities.  We were to work “as if” we were therapists, but under the immediate guidance of an experienced therapist.  I quickly learned that there is “book learning” then there is the real world of the therapy clinic.”  The mentorship of the intern process was invaluable.

When I decided to have a supplemental position and I explored online marketing as an option.  I was looking for a training program that was sequential, geared for a dedicated learner, with a real person who I could talk with who could explain how things really worked in the real online world.

I tried many things and lost lots of time and money until I found the company that I am now affiliated with.  Good sequential online education, “how to webinars” and most of all an excellent Marketing Mentor who is accessible and challenging.

Justin Woolf is my Marketing Mentor and he is patient, but challenging and I am growing in understanding and skills by leaps and bounds.  I believe I have crammed about 8 years of  “the school of hard knocks” and “study time” into a few fun filled months.

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Remember –  Success Requires No Explanations, Failure Permits No Alibis, Napoleon Hill


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