Third in the 3 part series: So you want to work from home? Which one is right for you?

Deciding to work at home to supplement your income or to replace your income requires some research.  There are many options to work at home.  In two earlier posts I reviewed seven of them. (First Post) and (Second Post)

The eighth area to consider for working at home is web design – need to be a teckie to succeed, but those with the technical skills can make some rather decent money.  Upside:  Can name own pay, within reason, and can make own schedule.  Downside: when you design a site you may be responsible for it staying “up” and may have emergency calls about “down” issues or change issues. You will also have to learn to market yourself.

The ninth area to consider for working at home is financial adviser:  To succeed you would need to have specialized education and lots of liability insurance and most importantly a good track record of success.  Upside: May be able to make own schedule.  The best way to get a good track record of success may be to work for a company that allows its advisers to work off site.  Downside:  Even with risk disclaimers you can be sued.  The real successful ones appear to be attached to brick & mortar company. The free lance financial adviser work is usually paid by percentage of profits.

The tenth area to consider for working at home is to work at your own current job from home:  You may be lucky your company is online and will permit telecommunication for meetings and online work. – Congratulations you have a job that is portable, but is it profitable?  – After all it’s still a job.  Upside:  You are familiar with the company and the work, and the pay rate is consistent.  Downside: May not have earnings ceiling, just like at the brick & mortar office.  Your current company may not have online work potential.

The eleventh area to consider for working at home is online marketing:  A good company will have online training and mentoring support to assist you in gaining the skills you need to succeed. College degree not required.  Earnest desire to learn and discipline to work independently required for the entrepreneur.  There is an unlimited earning potential.  Earnings will depend on your skills and your time not some artificial pay ceiling established by the company.  To check out one of my favorite online companies click here.

There are as many opportunities for working at home online as there are seekers.  After you decide which type of opportunity you like and that will meet your financial needs, please make sure to do your research to find a company that is reputable.