Take Control of Your Life and Your $’s

Take Control of Your Life and Your $’s

control you are in controlTake Control of Your Life and Income!
Watch and join now for free, build your list for free right now and reap the benefits. http://drjillsm.totaltakeover.com/prelaunch.php The build your list for free time has been extended to Wed, Feb 12, 2015.  The pay plan is a double headder!

If you like what you see here “Contact Me” and I will send you the video that shows the complete pay plan.  It is a double pay plan!  You get paid the most for bringing people in, but you also get paid $1 for everyone in your section!  This second plan gives you money even if you are having trouble getting started gathering a downline.

What is the product?  A complete, AND affordable, how to market anything online education program.  This is what many have been waiting for: reasonably priced education to market anything with the benefit of a double pay plan.

The next Total Takeover Live Webinar: Sunday through Thursday at 9PM EST  http://TTOLive.com

NOTE:  PRELAUNCH TIME EXTENDED: You MUST activate your free membership to paid BEFORE midnight Wed Feb 12th – eastern standard time USA to get the benefits of pre-launch positioning.  During your FREE time promote promote and build your group for free.