Focus is a 5cent word for Meditation – A busy person can focus & grow??

I was thinking about what topic I should write on, I kept thinking about the word “focus”Focus reminded me of “single mindedness” which is a component of meditation.  Busy people attend!

How many people, maybe yourself included, are scattered multi-taskers?  These folks end their day with a feeling of exhaustion and a fuzzy mental feeling.  They spend their days busily doing two or more things at once.  Many of these folks get a lot of “stuff” done, but don’t feel they did an excellent job of any one thing.  What is missing?

Focused lack of thinking with or without physical activity is Meditation.  We have heard for a long time there are many health benefits from meditation.  They include: anxiety, depression, pain, high blood pressure, stress, mood swings, self control issues, risk taking behaviors, concentration and creativity.

According to Roger Walsh, MD, PhD during an interview with Bottom Line/Women’s Health, e-newsletter spring 2011 simple meditation is a matter of focus.

  • Focusing on a single task.  Experiencing it.  For example when folding laundry  experience the feeling of the clothing, smells etc.  Another example is chopping veggies for dinner.  Focus on the texture of the veggie, the smells, the rhythmic action of your knife when cutting.  Only attending to the task at hand, not extraneous thoughts.
  • Focusing on your breathing.  Feel the air entering through your nose, feel your belly rise with the air expanding your lungs and the slow deflating of abdomen and release of air through your nose.  Focus all your attention on this cycle of action, not extraneous thoughts.
  • Phrase or word that is meaningful to you spiritually.  Examples could be: God is Love, Peace, Bliss, or the old standby Ohm.  What ever you choose make sure it has meaning for you.  Repeat this to yourself either aloud or silently with each breath.  When extraneous thoughts occur, just redirect yourself to your phrase.
  • Meditation for those that can’t stay still may be found in Qigong, tai chi or yoga classes.
  • Dr. Walsh also says there are more complex methods of meditation and covers these more in depth in some of his books.

So what good is this meditation?  You have heard all the health benefits, but is if for real?  The act of slowing down and focusing, clears the scattered thoughts and mind – sort of like a gentle washing rain between your ears.

As little as 5 minutes at a time helps clear the mind and leave you refreshed and ready to continue with your activities.  Or, you may be refreshed and open to new ideas, new twists to an old problem, or a completely new plan.  [meditation rock & flower]

It has been said that seeing is believing.  But, in this case feeling is understanding.  Make mini-meditation a part of your day.

Challenge yourself!  Journal about how you felt before meditation and how you felt after each session.  Also note any special ideas that crossed your mind at the end of your meditation session.  Did you have insight about a problem?  Did a new avenue open up for you in your business plan?  Did you have an “a-ha moment”?

If you are inclined I would appreciate it if you would share with me and other readers what occurred after a week of meditation practice – share the results of this new tool to focus your life and your business.