“Failure is the path of least persistence”

My favorite quote – Interpreted.

“Failure is the path of least persistence” The concept behind this has real meaning for me in my educational pursuits as well as when I started my online business.

Failure obviously is the opposite of success.  But success has many definitions and degrees of success.  Something that initially looks like a set-back or failure may actually be a door that closed for a purpose to open another onto a new horizon.  But the traditional definition of failure is that crushing depressed prevailing mood of “I didn’t make it.”

Persistence is not just necessarily batting ones head against the same wall until the wall cracks.  Persistence is continuing through adversity towards your goals.  Having a goal, hitting a road block is a learning experience.  How do you face roadblocks? Depression, frustration, open attitude as to why and how?  Sometimes the roadblock is the lack of information – plan to get more info e.g. take a class or get a mentor.  Sometimes the roadblock is too much information so that you feel overwhelmed – plan to get a mentor to assist you in breaking things down into chewable bites so you can advance.

When I was going through Occupational Therapy education at University of Pittsburgh, I experienced both of these road blocks.  Seeking assistance, stating your goals and stating the specifics of blocks are excellent ways to get through to your desired degree.  But what if it is not quite so simple?  Finding a specific mentor someone you can look up to who has experience and success in a specific area is the most important.  Then work with this person to establish the plan and then it is up to YOU to execute it.  If you are not persistent in reaching your goal – any time you hit a road block you will be defeated and fail.

Look for mentors in anything you do and when you are moving up, look back and reach back to mentor someone else.  Be persistent and support other persistent folks.  That is why I became a Senior Marketing Consultant – I want to help others as I have been helped.

Do you use a Scattergun or Sniper Rifle for your online business advertising?

Advertising by Scattergun or Sniper Rifle Technique?

If you have the problem of low returns on your advertising you might be using the scatter-gun type of advertising.  If you are going broke on pay-per click advertising you might be using the scatter-gun type of advertising.  I will explain the differences to help you get on target.

Scatter-gun advertising:  Although it is easy to scatter-gun your sales advertising it is not the smartest way to get the word out about your product.  All you need to do is write an advertisement for your product that gives as much information as possible and blast it out through as many advertising media venues as possible.  Scatter-gun advertising puts lots of generic information in the air and hopes someone will get it.  Unfortunately, you may miss the folks who really might be your best customers that way.  You also may attract a lot of “lookey-loos” rather than truly interested customers.  The “lookey-loos” will waste your pay-per-click advertising money!

Sniper type advertising is highly targeted.  It seeks out a specific potential customer from the crowd and sends specific information designed just for them.  This specific potential customer is called your target market.  Before writing the ad-copy the sniper type marketer has taken time to make a profile of who he really wants to attract to his offer.  There will be more clicks from real potential customers from a good profile.  The sniper marketer asks himself many questions and writes them down to form a god profile!

Profiler’s questions to define target market:

1.         Exactly what am I selling – product or service or combination?

2.         Who do I want to buy my product?

  • What is their age group?
  • What is their gender – or does gender matter?
  • What do they do for a living?  Employed, middle class – concerns about economy, young mothers.What is their educational background?
  • Where do they live?  City, suburban, rural, USA or abroad?
  • What are their values? Strong work ethic, self starters, family important.
  • What is their current income?  Less than or greater than $45,000.
  • What types of activities do they enjoy? family activities, competitive activities.
  • Do they use any industry specific “lingo” or terminology?

3.         What are their problems that my product would be their solution?  The problems and product solutions will depend on the product you are marketing.  Some products may answer two questions, e.g. vitamin product with a distributor program.

Problem                 ->              Products

  • Want better health –> vitamins and other health products.
  • Overweight people –> diet information, nutritional information, diet product or exercise equipment.
  • Struggles with making ends meet, family scheduling problems concerns about downsizing at work  –> work from home opportunities, online businesses.
  • Want to earn more money   –> products with affiliate programs or marketing programs in addition to product.
  • Want to work closer to home –> online business – work from home.
  • Frustrated in dead end job –> entrepreneur – online business
  • Want to expand existing business –> online marketing.
  • Want to grow their business –> online marketing training and tools.
  • Want to share information –> blogging training, copywriting training, social network training.
  • What is frustrating them in their current job?  Making their own schedule, being own boss having control over work results –> online business, work at home business would be a product solution..

Once you have identified your target market and their problems that your products would help, you are on your way to becoming a good sniper online advertiser for your business.  You will be able to write advertising that will attract potential customers rather than miss them with the generic scatter-gun online marketing.  You will avoid much of the expense of pay-per-click on the “lookey-loos”.

Spend some time profiling to get better results through sniper targeted advertising your online product or business opportunity, the time invested is well worth it.