New Year’s Resolutions – Why Do They Fail?

How many of you readers have made a New Years Resolution only to break it as quickly as the champagne bubbles burst?

Come on now, be honest….  hands up, I know we all have done it at least once!


What is it that causes the failure?

We make the resolutions based on things we think we really want or want to do right?  Good intentions good goals for example:

  • We notice the waistbands getting tight and we resolve to “lose weight”.
  • Get colds too often that go into bronchitis and we resolve to “quit smoking”.
  • We trip over things in the garage and can’t get the car in and we resolve to “clear the clutter”.
  • We just paid off last years Christmas present bills and vow to have a better budget this year.

Failure to PLAN causes failure of everything!

  • Resolving to lose weight resolution will work better with a plan; join a gym and work out 3 days a week,  walk a specific amount of miles 3 days a week, enlist the aid of a dietitian [and follow the advise] and follow up on the plan religiously will set you up for success.
  • Resolving to quit smoking requires a plan; talk to your MD about assists [patches, medication, nicotine replacements, hypnosis etc].  Pick one of the plans suggested by your MD and stick with it – having a quitting partner will help also.
  • Clear the Clutter resolution plan would be to hire a professional clutter buster, or be your own.  If you are your own clutter buster pro you need to adhere to a specific criterion for keeping items.  For example: “If I have not used it, worn it etc for 2 years, out the door it goes.”
  • Resolving to budget our money better requires a budget plan.  If debt is truly out of control there are debt counselors or consumer counselors who are free or low cost to folks in financial trouble.

How about another option for this last resolution?

A plan to have more money, would be to have a new job, a new career or just a part-time position.  Something that you like to do that will earn you more money.  For this type of resolution with a plan a strategy click here.


The best to you for 2012!     Dr Jill