The Panic of Starting an Online Business Exposed!

The idea of working at home in your robe and slippers with coffee mug in hand sound like a Utopian Dream or Nightmare?  Ahhhh the joy of no alarm clock, no nasty boss, rush hour commute earning money from home = Dream Position — Is it for real though?

As with any business you need to have a product or concept to sell.  That may be the easiest part of the whole set up.

  • Then comes the teckie issues:

1.  Website design

2.  Banner design

3.  Landing page design

4.  Autoresponder program set up

5.  Designing a blog site.

6.  And the list goes on

  • Next  comes the stuff to get folks to look at your product pages.

1.  Key word research assists with planning your domain name and for promotion.

2.  Writing advertisements and getting them online

3.  Getting the banners you have designed posted on sites.

4.  Writing articles to get your name and your product known.

5.   Designing an email campaign to get people to your landing page.

6.   Designing list of emails for autoresponder follow-up of leads.

7.  And the list goes on and on..

  • Then the follow-up sales calls and emails etc……

1.  Writing scripts or outlines for what to say to folks and guide them through

your marketing funnel.

2.  Keeping track of who you called and their responses and needs.

  • Orientation of new purchasers to your product or program

This list is determined by your product or program so it will vary for each.

Head spinning yet?  It should be if you are not real computer savey or a newbie to marketing.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to shorten the “to do list”?  The answer is yes it would be very helpful to turn this nightmare into the Utopian Dream that I want.

The ideal marketing system has a fully developed marketing funnel that you can plug into.  This means what you do is advertise, promote the product and the marketing funnel does the rest of the work for you.

Hmmmm  Only one thing to learn then would be writing: the advertising writing/posting and article writing/posting [Driving people into the funnel].   The funnel has the website/landing page, banners to use, the autoresponders ready to plug into.  The system also has tutorials on effective writing as well as how to promote the product.  And if you have any questions the system comes with a personal one-on-one mentor as well as live webinar training where you can ask                                                                           questions real time.

I tried to figure out a system for myself and failed brilliantly – major flash in the pan type brilliant.  I then discovered ProU with all the bells and whistles to get a business rolling in as little as 30 days.



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