What is Incentivised Sharing? Rippln

Photo-Guess-A-Roo, a new gaming app is coming within a couple of weeks. You can actually play fun games AND make money.  How? By incentivised sharing.

information sharing imagesWhat is incentivised sharing?   It might be easier to understand what it is not!

We have all been victims of unrewarded sharing!!

  • We all have recommended a movie, restaurant, book, blog site, tool, game etc to people we know.
  •  We never got paid or recognized by the owner of the item we recommended.
  • When we told one person we never knew if they told another and another.
  • We never knew how far our recommendation spread.
  • This recommendation if spread far enough made lots of money for the owner of the item we recommended.

ripple little green indexDo we deserve to be rewarded?  Yes and Rippln Thinks so Too!

Video – The Rippln Wealth Revolution – Rippln Explained

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How far does your influence go? Find out with the new social network!

Iripple water bird skipping ripples images‘ve been working behind the scenes on a new social network that’s about to launch. The founders are Brian Underwood and Jonathan Budd two guru’s of home based internet marketing.

It’s already growing at the speed of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!
You have to see the concept to understand why. But once you get it, you’ll see this could change your life forever.

Video is here:     http://www.startmyripple.com/blitzlink/86faa34c17b1858a21fe3e34bebd8094
Watch the video and then create your account. I can’t tell you too much more until you’re inside, so create your free account now then let me know and I can explain how it all works!   But……..

Sneak peak info: The premise is simple:  Have you recommended that a friend check out a social media site or a website for a product, a restaurant etc?  Of course you have!  Did you get paid for that referral?  Most likely not!  Do you deserve to get paid for the refferal?  You DEFINITELY DO!

How far can your ripple of influence go?  Join for free to see where your influence goes.  First app will be a free communication app.  After you have a good ripple going – then you can consider purchasing a license to sell for a small fee [you don’t have to though].  Then you are off and running making money with your license.

.Over 1,000,000 people have already joined [in only 12 weeks], and it hasn’t even gone live yet! Come see what all of the buzz is about:

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Come on in and see your ripple grow!

If you see this post after the Blitz is over and are interested in information go to my site: http://www.YourAppsGame.com  

I will not leave you stranded!