People Who Should NOT Be Entrepreneurs!

Not to be ashamed if you are one of these people! But how do you know if you are?

This is an email sent out to prospects by Jay Kubassek, one of the founders and trainers with the company that I work with.  He brings out good points that I wanted to share.

Message from Jay: 
“Good Morning,  I've said it before, I'll say it again:
The world NEEDS entrepreneurs now more than ever.
But... not everyone should be an entrepreneur.  
In fact, there are some people who'd be miserable as entrepreneurs,
would probably not make much (if any) money, and would instead
make themselves (and everyone around them) miserable.
I've identified 10 such people below.
If you're one of these 10 people, PLEASE don't go into business.
It's nothing personal.
And I'm not saying you're a "bad person" or anything.
But there's a reason we work extremely hard at PRO Elite
-- to screen these particular people out and not let them
anywhere NEAR us in our personal lives.

Here is the list of people who would not do well as entrepreneurs 
1. Naysayers
2. Whiners
3. Complainers
4. Needy people
5. Berserkers (those who get really angry about nothing)
6. Nit-pickers
7. Freebie-seekers (there is no "free lunch", sorry)
8. Blamers
9. Tire-kickers
10. Spectators (i.e. people who go into business but never
    DO anything)

Okay, so that's the short list.
There are actually more we could add to it. 
And if you're someone who's in one of those 10 categories, 
this is NOT personal- but please don't go into business. 
Don't waste your time.
And don't waste anyone else's time, either.

The world will always need the "worker bees" (those who prefer
working regular jobs, for a paycheck, rather than build a

There's absolutely NO shame in it at all.

And it's perfectly okay (and honorable).

Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, after all.
(The top #3 of producers in society.) Only a few are
ment to be out there in the world competing.
And everyone else?
They buy the t-shirts and hot dogs and enjoy the show.

Everyone wins.

If you think you might be an entrepreneur, here's a way that's
so simple Fox Business News and Home Business Connection
Magazine wanted to interview us about it:
Entrepreneur Interview Info.

Jay Kubassek
World leader in home business training & development,
PRO U, LLC 12 Broad Street, Suite 403 Red Bank,
New Jersey 07701 United States”