Is your online marketing system automated or too automated?

Spending time manually sending out emails to find leads for your business?  Spending time manually sending out personalized follow-up emails for any opt in leads you have on your list?  You are wasting your valuable time!

An automated system may save you time and energy.  Your time and energy you should be spending on advertisement writing, article writing and especially down line support and training!!

The automated mailing system for your marketing should speak in your voice to increase perception of your personality and availability.  It should not be filled with communications that read like “corporate-speak”.  The formal or too technical corporate-speak communications usually turn potential leads and customers off and they will never see your business opportunity.

It is a fine line to walk between being too flippant  and casual and too corporate formal.  But when you find the balance you have personable emails!  That is your goal Personable communication.

When your humanness shines through your communications your readers will be more likely to perceive you as helpful and supportive.  That is the type of person I want to have as my up-line in business.  That is the type of person I am and I want to show it in all my communications.

The early emails in the system may be more like speaking with an acquaintance and the later ones more like speaking with a friend.  Write as if you are actually talking with the person.  Someone you have just met is not going to get the buddy-buddy type vocabulary as someone you have known for a while.  Attend to the developing relationship and write accordingly.

The above assumes that you have an Awebber account or some other automated email service and that you know how to use it.  If not prepare to learn the mechanics of the automated email service before mastering the relationship developed email text process.

Lots of work?  Yes it is, a good automated marketing system is very much worth it, but times taking.  But, if you would rather work directly with customers you may want to short cut this step.

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