What is Incentivised Sharing? Rippln

Photo-Guess-A-Roo, a new gaming app is coming within a couple of weeks. You can actually play fun games AND make money.  How? By incentivised sharing.

information sharing imagesWhat is incentivised sharing?   It might be easier to understand what it is not!

We have all been victims of unrewarded sharing!!

  • We all have recommended a movie, restaurant, book, blog site, tool, game etc to people we know.
  •  We never got paid or recognized by the owner of the item we recommended.
  • When we told one person we never knew if they told another and another.
  • We never knew how far our recommendation spread.
  • This recommendation if spread far enough made lots of money for the owner of the item we recommended.

ripple little green indexDo we deserve to be rewarded?  Yes and Rippln Thinks so Too!

Video – The Rippln Wealth Revolution – Rippln Explained

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