Technology A Blessing And a Curse!

I have had lots of thoughts to share, but the internet connection for my area has been intermittent.  On 3-10 minutes then off for 45 minutes.  Real hard to keep communications up that way.

Went away for 2 days, came back and had a crashed computer.  Sent it to the computer MD and it came back 2 days later.  During its absence the internet connection was perfect – it figures.

Now I am up with a running computer and  whooooooosh the internet is persnickety again.  So I am again limited to 3-10 minutes of consecutive working time.

So what does one do when the desire to work online is strong, but the technology does not cooperate?

  • Well what I have done is to write things in “Word” to be ready to use them when connected.
  • Another thing is to invest in Pay-Per-Click advertising so it is working when I can’t.
  • Make my posts to Social Media through my kindle fire – so folks know that I am alive.
  • I have banner advertisements placed on a variety of sites that will be out on line for me.
  • When I can get online – or go to the library, I have pencil & paper handy.  I go to my CCP back office to check on the list of folks who have clicked on my advertisements or banners. I then write down their contact information and call them when I get home.  I also use my Gmail account to send them a welcome message from the library.

The internet server has sent the technician out twice – both times they say my signal is excellent.  They then send the information to the “main office” as they believe the problem is with the control box down the road.  I’ll be glad when someone goes and kicks the control box in the pants or at least gives it a good wrenching.  Until then the low tech of paper and pencil and the old phone line is how I am working.

Until then – I might just resemble this guy.  But, I will get back to full internet with good laptop soon.  Until then patience with the paper trail.  giggle