How to Keep the Money You Work For:

Fire your boss and become self employed, an Entrepreneur.  That way every dollar you earn is yours [after taxes of course.]

Being self employed has the perks of having business deductions: office space and utilities, supplies [paper, printer ink etc], equipment [computer, desk, chair], mileage, seminars, training, business tools to name a few.

What idea do you have?  Is it for a product or a service or a combination?  Make sure it is in line with your passion.  Your passion for success is NOT to make lots of money.  Your passion must be related to the mission or the specific product, making money is the by-product. .

  • Do you want to make the best, most efficient whatsit?
  • Do you want to offer the customer the best ‘name type of service’ available?

Safeguard your own assets by registering as an LLC.  If there are lawsuit or financial issues for your business keep the problems there and not let them invade your personal space.  See my previous blog on this topic.

As many small businesses fail within the first 5 years, make sure you have done your homework, and have a solid business plan.  Make sure you have studied advertising, marketing specific for your business.

  • Google for internet sites for businesses similar to yours and see how they are presenting themselves.
  • Then focus your advertising on how your business is different, stands out from the others.  Market your strong points.
  • Keep all advertising focused on your target market – a focused marketing program is more likely to get you known for your specialty.

Get a mentor.  Even if you are a brick & mortar business you can have a mentor.  You just have to be creative.

  • Don’t go to an Italian Restaurant down the street and ask for any mentoring when you own an Italian Restaurant!
  • Instead look for yellow pages online in a distant city for an Italian Restaurant, review their online advertising and talk to them.
  • If they don’t want to help, just keep looking and studying advertising of others.
  • The non-local business that is related to you will not be as likely to view you as a threat and may be willing to offer guidance.

Get a mentor.  For online businesses whether it is direct marketing, MLM or a web storefront you can find a mentor.

  • Just check into their experience and success.
  • Don’t fall for the “I can tech you how to make $50,000 in 90 days.” type folks.  Those are the get rich quick type that are usually scams.
  • Look for mentors that have a success record in their field.
  • See if the mentors are recommending sequential and clear teaching modules.
  • Does the mentor offer webinars as well as one on one coaching?

Online marketing has advantages to consider.  Lower overhead – no store front.  If you are marketing something that another company actually manufactures you can avoid inventory by being a drop shipper.  Marketing products online that are available online and do not have to be shipped cuts your overhead way down.  You would just need your laptop and space to sit as far as physical space requirements.

Don’t reinvent the wheel!  If there is a good system or training program available use it, don’t reinvent it.  You might decide to up grade an existing system though – just make sure you are not doing infringing on a copy-write.  There have been folks that have gotten involved with affiliate marketing of a product to learn how to market well then move on to marketing their own product.

Training, education, research and mentoring are the points to consider carefully in starting your business – the one you want to make money with.

Jobs, Are We Cultured & Educated for Mediocrity?

 Looking for More?  What if you are a free thinker, someone with desires to have a life of meaning and purpose and you are stuck in a “job”.  

Our culture said our fathers and grandfathers were trained for a “job” and worked for a company with the goal of the “gold watch” at retirement.  Our education is geared to creating good workers.  Workers that will fit into a specific work mold or career.

Unfortunately, with the way businesses are changing and evolving, the average worker will change jobs more than 4 times before retirement.  Some of these changes will require more education and a significant mindset shift.  Our education trains us to seek and ensure basic survival.

Even if this “ideal job” of our fathers and grandfathers still existed,it is not enough for many of us any more.  We are looking for more to life, more fulfillments a goal beyond the “job”  But how do we move on to more???

Realization of the changes in our business society is the first step.  The operative word is change.  Some industries have vanished others have arrived.  “Change is the new normal.”

The second step is belief in your self and trust in your imagination to guide you.  Imagination is the foundation of change and growth.  If you can see something in your imagination it will be possible to follow a plan to make it reality.  You must be focused to guide your image in to fulfillment.

  • You want to have more time for your family.
  • You are tired of a salary ceiling, that you can not get through.
  • You are bored and unhappy with a routine job.
  • You want to be of service & help people.

Break free of the habits of the past and the way you react to work and your life.  Let go of old habitation; to make room for the new work opportunities and broaden your horizons.


To explore a more fulfilling career option click here.

New Year’s Resolutions – Why Do They Fail?

How many of you readers have made a New Years Resolution only to break it as quickly as the champagne bubbles burst?

Come on now, be honest….  hands up, I know we all have done it at least once!


What is it that causes the failure?

We make the resolutions based on things we think we really want or want to do right?  Good intentions good goals for example:

  • We notice the waistbands getting tight and we resolve to “lose weight”.
  • Get colds too often that go into bronchitis and we resolve to “quit smoking”.
  • We trip over things in the garage and can’t get the car in and we resolve to “clear the clutter”.
  • We just paid off last years Christmas present bills and vow to have a better budget this year.

Failure to PLAN causes failure of everything!

  • Resolving to lose weight resolution will work better with a plan; join a gym and work out 3 days a week,  walk a specific amount of miles 3 days a week, enlist the aid of a dietitian [and follow the advise] and follow up on the plan religiously will set you up for success.
  • Resolving to quit smoking requires a plan; talk to your MD about assists [patches, medication, nicotine replacements, hypnosis etc].  Pick one of the plans suggested by your MD and stick with it – having a quitting partner will help also.
  • Clear the Clutter resolution plan would be to hire a professional clutter buster, or be your own.  If you are your own clutter buster pro you need to adhere to a specific criterion for keeping items.  For example: “If I have not used it, worn it etc for 2 years, out the door it goes.”
  • Resolving to budget our money better requires a budget plan.  If debt is truly out of control there are debt counselors or consumer counselors who are free or low cost to folks in financial trouble.

How about another option for this last resolution?

A plan to have more money, would be to have a new job, a new career or just a part-time position.  Something that you like to do that will earn you more money.  For this type of resolution with a plan a strategy click here.


The best to you for 2012!     Dr Jill

People Who Should NOT Be Entrepreneurs!

Not to be ashamed if you are one of these people! But how do you know if you are?

This is an email sent out to prospects by Jay Kubassek, one of the founders and trainers with the company that I work with.  He brings out good points that I wanted to share.

Message from Jay: 
“Good Morning,  I've said it before, I'll say it again:
The world NEEDS entrepreneurs now more than ever.
But... not everyone should be an entrepreneur.  
In fact, there are some people who'd be miserable as entrepreneurs,
would probably not make much (if any) money, and would instead
make themselves (and everyone around them) miserable.
I've identified 10 such people below.
If you're one of these 10 people, PLEASE don't go into business.
It's nothing personal.
And I'm not saying you're a "bad person" or anything.
But there's a reason we work extremely hard at PRO Elite
-- to screen these particular people out and not let them
anywhere NEAR us in our personal lives.

Here is the list of people who would not do well as entrepreneurs 
1. Naysayers
2. Whiners
3. Complainers
4. Needy people
5. Berserkers (those who get really angry about nothing)
6. Nit-pickers
7. Freebie-seekers (there is no "free lunch", sorry)
8. Blamers
9. Tire-kickers
10. Spectators (i.e. people who go into business but never
    DO anything)

Okay, so that's the short list.
There are actually more we could add to it. 
And if you're someone who's in one of those 10 categories, 
this is NOT personal- but please don't go into business. 
Don't waste your time.
And don't waste anyone else's time, either.

The world will always need the "worker bees" (those who prefer
working regular jobs, for a paycheck, rather than build a

There's absolutely NO shame in it at all.

And it's perfectly okay (and honorable).

Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, after all.
(The top #3 of producers in society.) Only a few are
ment to be out there in the world competing.
And everyone else?
They buy the t-shirts and hot dogs and enjoy the show.

Everyone wins.

If you think you might be an entrepreneur, here's a way that's
so simple Fox Business News and Home Business Connection
Magazine wanted to interview us about it:
Entrepreneur Interview Info.

Jay Kubassek
World leader in home business training & development,
PRO U, LLC 12 Broad Street, Suite 403 Red Bank,
New Jersey 07701 United States”

How does a Marketing Funnel work for you?

Your Marketing Funnel is your marketing system!  The path a person takes from becoming a “lead” all the way to becoming a customer and/or business partner is called the marketing system.  If the marketing system is set up to do most of the filtering work for you it is a funnel.

Remember that most people love to purchase things but hate being sold.  If the marketing system provides services freely that attract people to you, your product and your company you have a working funnel.  I prefer the marketing system that brings interested people to me rather than me beating the bushes for customers.

How to make your marketing system a funnel:  You market yourself as a helper of others, someone who can be trusted.

  • Step one is to provide free information, e-books, videos, articles for free to people who are looking for your opportunity.  Show that you are a trusted expert in your field.
  • Step two:  Have a landing page that provides information about your product/service that asks for contact information to get more free information. A landing page is not multiple area sales but designed for the purpose of giving more information and capturing contact information from curious people.
  • Step three:  Design auto-responders system to send follow-up information to people who provide you with your contact information.  These auto responders should be Thank You’s, and additional links for more information and videos.  You may have a minor purchase for more information but not your main opportunity yet.  As people progress through your series of emails they are getting more information about you and how you are willing and able to help them with their goals.
  • Step four:  Requires personal contact a phone call a video call so these interested people get to see you and interact one on one.  At this stage provide information and answer questions – do not go into a sales pitch.  Let people ask to join your opportunity.
  • Step five: After that contact follow-up with more auto-responders that are more helpful to the contact with more direct referrals to the opportunity as a benefit to the contact.
  • Step six:  You have a contact that has asked you about the opportunity and is ready to work as a part of your team.  Your marketing funnel worked for you.

Remember no matter how good any product is; NO Product sells itself!  There are a lot of good products out there, but there is only one you.  So market yourself as a helper, set yourself up to be an expert, design a smooth flowing auto-responder program to help you sort your leads and then provide personal introduction to You.

This takes a lot of work and split testing of a variety of landing pages and auto-responder letters.  You will need to connect with a company who has excellent training.  Or you can connect with a company that has a marketing funnel program in place as well as a training program to teach you how to expand on it.

Work hard or work smart – take you choice.  Want to learn more about working smart with your own marketing funnel? Click here.

The Unmaking of an Entrepreneur?

So you decided to be an Entrepreneur to supplement or replace your current W-2 “Job” income.  You found a company/product and are launched.  How are you doing now?  I made that decision several years ago and have hit many of the bumps and deep potholes in the road to success that you are experiencing.

The main factor to my floundering has been the training & marketing plans offered by the companies that I was affiliated.

                                   Have these things happened to you?

The first opportunity I joined had a wonderful product, but no real training. 

  • It was one of those companies that started the training with:  “Make a list of friends & family.” Sound familiar?   All this got me was a lot of folks that dodged me and my phone calls and NO sales.
  • The second suggestion was to: “Sort of eaves-drop in public [check out lines etc] and if I heard anyone expressing dissatisfaction with their job or lack of money, I was to go into my 30 Second Elevator Speech and share my business card.  All that got me was requests from the store management not to talk to anyone in the store or not to come back and NO sales.  Sound familiar?
  • The other suggestion in the training was to have Home Parties and Hotel Meetings.  Works for Tupperware right?  So I showed up with my flip charts or power-point presentation after organizing the meeting.  A few people show up, but no one is interested.  Did they just come for the snacks or to get out of the house?
  • Have you been frustrated with this approach also?

The next thing I was advised  was to purchase huge leads lists and calling with a prepared script.  “It’s a numbers game. Just increase your numbers.”

  • That got me a lot of hang ups and folks telling me they did not want a home business – and that they just filled out a form while trying to win a computer.
  •  After going through 25,000 purchased leads, I had 6 customers.  Only 1 of which still places a couple of orders a year.  Not a real good return on my investment.
  • Have you been disappointed by this type of advice?

The next approach was a step in the sort of right direction: My up-line developed a plan a program that was easy to follow to recruit people into the business.  Program was a little pricey, but looked well organized.  The problem with it was – I still had to get folks to talk to.  Meaning I had to chase folks down to get them to listen to my pitch.

  • I was told my lack of success was – lazy not getting out to talk to folks enough.
  • I was told I was not motivated enough.
  • Again massive work and time and minimal business growth.  And what’s more the folks that joined me because of the system dropped out after seeing that it did not grow the business quickly
  • Has this happened to you?

All along this disappointing and frustrating process I was learning:

  • A good product does not sell itself.
  • Annoying friends and families is not the way to run a business.
  • Ambushing folks in public – pushing business cards etc alienates people.
  • Buying huge lists of expensive leads with no marketing plan attached does not bring you income.
  • People like to buy stuff but, hate being sold.
  • No it’s not exactly sales, but it is marketing.
  • Good training is step by step and geared for the beginner so it can be learned and shared.
  • The training should be in the marketing system not just in the scripts.
  • I needed a clear training system with a good marketing system. The marketing system should do the sorting of leads with potential for you.

I wanted what you want and need: a good training system with training on how to use and profit from a good marketing system.  Support from a mentor to assist with your personal plan.

When you are using the best tools [the system] for the job your business will grow.  See what I found click here.