Online Marketing made easy through the Digital Lifestyle

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Online Marketing made easy through the Digital Lifestyle

No the boat is NOT mine.  But, I am in Baltimore MD working while on a family trip.  How did this come to pass?? Careful research and some time learning to use some solid tools.  And, it is a bonus that I am figuring out how to do even more with my tablet so that I am not tied to internet cafes or wifi spots.

I was fascinated by the concept of working online for a living.  I tried some consumption type product programs [vitamins, shakes, cleaning products etc.]  But that was hard work – “talking to friends and family” Then I found I was a member of the NFL club!  [No Friends Left Club]  There had to be a better way that I hoped would use more online marketing techniques.

I looked for training to learn online marketing without “bugging friends and family”.  I found several, but each focused on one small part of marketing.  Solo Ads or pay per click or article marketing or social media marketing or video marketing were some of the single approach trainings that I found.

I wanted a good curriculum that was the “liberal arts” type degree of online marketing.  I found that with CCP which merged with a company in the UK and is now called Six Figure Marketing [SFM].  This is a complete in one package all facets of internet marketing curriculum. [Sort of step by step- easy to follow  degree in online marketing]

Video of Dr Jill’s latest work site:    Dr Jill’s mobile office at Ft Niagara  

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