Caridac and Circulation – Hot Beverage or Iced Beverage?

Caridac and Circulation- Hot Beverage or Iced Beverage

hot coffee drawing imagesAfter the typical greasy meal at the backyard barbeque what should you drink?  If it is a hot day, you might want to reach for the cold beer, ice tea or an icy cold soda.  But a cup of hot coffee, hot tea or hot water with lemon is a healthier choice.

If you chose an icy cold or just cold drink you are not being kind to your heart and circulatory system.  Why?  Drinking a cold drink right after a greasy or rich meal will cause the greasy or fatty foods to solidify in your gut.  Once solidified it is easier to digest and absorb directly into the blood stream to clog your arteries!

ice and glass no imagesHowever, drinking a hot drink after such a meal keeps the fat and grease in a liquid form that can pass right through your digestive system with less absorption into the blood stream.  Less absorption, less build up in your circulatory system, your heart and of course less to be stored as body fat on your middle.

On a hot day you might want your appetizer to be the icy cold drink to cool off and recover before your meal.  Think healthy!  Drink a warm drink AFTER a rich, greasy meal  or any meal to help stay healthy…