The Spirit of Christmas Can Be The Secret to Business Success?

The Spirit of Christmas Can Be The Secret to Business Success?

To me the Spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Giving of Sharing of Helping.  Most people feel that Business Success is in a “healthy” bottom-line of sales.  But the business person who focuses on cute jingles and advertising to make his bottom line healthy is missing the boat.

Folks do enjoy buying things, but do not enjoy being sold.  I don’t know about you, but I would much rather make my purchases from a friendly and helpful sales person than the grumpus who is just there to get a paycheck.

A business that has nothing but buy – buy – buy mentality tends to treat potential customers as just a dollar sign coming through the door.  Those are the businesses that “just had to open up Thanksgiving Evening” taking employees away from their families for the purpose of pumping up the corporate coffers.  These businesses don’t get it that the consumer only has so many dollars to spend and their being open on a Holiday won’t make the consumer spend more.

On the other hand the businesses that put the Spirit of Christmas first – not just at Christmas but all year long are more likely to garner your business.  These businesses give information, coupons, discounts all year long not just during the Christmas “sales push”.

Online marketers who follow this plan are most likely to publish informational blogs, do free “how to” videos and e-books.  All done without a purchase requirement do manage to garner friends along the way.  People are more likely to consider making a purchase from a friend – someone who has given assistance and gained respect from their past behaviors.

So my advise to all is to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts all year long.  We will gain friends, get a good feeling from being of service and as a by-product have a successful business.  With a successful business we will have the opportunity to get more involved in Community Action.



Merry Christmas now and ALL year long.