How can being an affiliate of some other products help you succeed?

Don’t have a specific product, but want to enter the world of online marketing?  Affiliate marketing may be your answer.  Have a product?  Need more exposure without sale-sy pitches?  Affiliate Marketing may help your exposure to market your own product.

First of all what is affiliate marketing?  A company provides with you a way to make money by promoting their product.  This should be a product or service that you like and use whether it is a freebie or something you have paid to use.

How affiliate marketing works mechanically: 

  • At the bottom of the company web page or under an affiliate tab there will be a link to go to a page to apply to be an affiliate of that company, its rules and procedures.
  • Once you have read and understand their rules and complete the application process that company will assign you a special link to use on your web page, on your blog, in your banner advertising, etc.
  • You will use this link in your advertising/consulting.  When a potential customer clicks on this special link and orders you will get credit for the sale.
  • You will be paid based on the amount of sales made from your link.
  • You can be an affiliate of many companies.
  • Check the home page for services you use and see if there is an affiliate program.
  • Then verify that it is a service that would help your existing business or one that you are proud to stand behind.  It’s your reputation when you recommend something!

How does this affiliate program help the marketer that already has a product to market?

I’ll use myself as an example.

  • I do not market web design or domain name purchasing services.  I have found that some potential customers for my main business [which is online marketing system & training] have some more basic needs and problems.
  • If you want to enter my main business and really prosper you will need your own domain name and a basic web site.
  • If you are new to internet marketing you have no idea how to do it.  I recommend the company that hosts multiple web sites for me under my affiliate link.  click here to check out my recommendation for GoDaddy.
  • By sharing this link and information I am helping you get started in your business and you are more likely to ask for more advice when you have a problem.
  • I helped you with the problem of getting a domain and a web site at a reasonable price, one that is easy to use.  This practice of legitimate helping builds trust between people and people want to work with and be around people they trust.
  • I actually have a web site devoted to helpful links,I am an affiliate of most of them.

Trust building and getting your name recognized as a helper is a key factor in being successful in your online business.