Formula for the best online home business.

The best online home business will follow the formula for success.

1.         The mission and the business model must be clearly stated and understandable.  Is it a franchise, a MLM, partnership, online store  etc?

2.         The training and knowledge of the company must be easy to understand and complete.  Too much techno-jargon will scare away the beginner, but training should take into account some folks are a bit advanced.  So the balance is beginner information with another tab for the more advanced person to begin their training.

3.         The mentor, must be very knowledgeable, break things down for understanding and very available to answer questions.  He needs to show you respect and help you.  A mentor never looks down on you, a snob does.  Availability is the key to keep the momentum of learning rolling, email, phone calls, webinars etc.  Easy access to your mentor thwarts frustration.

4          The support and community must be available and hold you accountable for what you say you will do.  Technical support and The support and information from others that are in the business is invaluable.  The mentor should hold you responsible to follow through with the steps you agree to perform.  You should hold yourself responsible to follow through so your business can grow.   Does the company have a forum website, webinars or another easy way for members to communicate?

5          Goal driven behavior must be fostered by the company’s program for you to emulate.  Your mentor and training programs must show measurable and attainable goals or goal steps.  Does the company have a clearly defined career progress path that is spelled out so you know where you are on the ladder of success?

6.         The next part involves YOU taking full advantage of the 5 steps above.  No halfway “I’ll try statements”!  Just make the commitment “I will do this step, follow the guidance.”  Commitment and follow through with the steps to success is the path to follow.

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