What is the third key area on selecting an online business?

In my previous posts on Nov 9th, Nov 10th, Nov11th:   I outlined the 5 keys to consider and research before selecting an online business this will be part four of a 6 part series.

The third area to consider is The Training system: 

If the first training call or instructions says “make a list of your warm market – your friends and family” You are in trouble.  Your friends and family will screen phone calls and not get back to you.

If you follow the training advice to “sort of eavesdrop in public” to see if someone is frustrated with their job etc then jump in with your “30 second elevator story” and business card, be prepared to be banned from certain shopping areas!

So what is good training?

If the training system has a clearly presented sequential instructions, consider it.  Good training should be step by step and appropriate for the beginner.  But, it should have enough information for a more experienced business person to expand his/her business..

  • Just as there is no “one size fits all” shoe there is no “one size fits all” method of training.  A good training system must have a wide variety of modalities. e.g  instruction in advertising, article writing, videos, direct mail,  social media, magazine & journals, banner advertising, newspapers, press releases, radio, blogging etc.
  • There must be enough variety of good training on how to use the marketing method and how to write for the marketing that the beginner can find at least several areas that are appealing. “I would like to do that!” response means there is interest in the training.

We entrepreneurs are not all the same, we have strengths and things we like better than others.  A good training system includes a variety of ways to promote your business and provides step by step detailed directions to encourage success.  A good training system also has support, but more on that next time…