So you want to work from home? Which one is right for you?

 Deciding to work at home to supplement your income or to replace your income requires some research.  There are many options to work at home.  Choices, choices where to start?

This week’s series of posts will review  eleven hot possibilities to help you decide.  The list includes: data entry, telemarketing, product demonstration, crafting, customer service, tutoring, copy-writing, web design, and several more.  This article will cover the first three possibilities.

Consider the opportunity that appeals to you the most and one that you feel you can do well.  However, before committing to any of these positions, do make sure to do your homework and sign up to work for a reputable company.  Researching several companies will help you decide which company has the system that will work best for you.

The first and most commonly thought of is data entry. 

  • For this position your typing skills as far as accuracy better be wonderful.  So if you are interested in this take time to brush up your skills.  If your skills are good you can start quickly.
  • Upside, easy to find reputable data entry companies.  The work is generally steady and you can make own schedule.  Pay days are on a schedule and the more you work the more you get paid.
  • Down side, the work can be very monotonous; minimum wage is common so it would take lots of time to get financially ahead without investing a lot of work hours..

The second area to consider is telemarketing. 

  • Many local companies hire folks to work from their call centers or from home to schedule in home demonstrations of their products or services.  The pay rate is per appointment made and commission on resulting appointment, if any sales are made.
  • Upside: generally steady work, flexible schedule, can work from home for a specific number of hours to make calls.  The company provides you with a list of numbers to call and a script to use when talking to the potential customers.  .
  • Downside again is pay rate which is usually minimal wage plus possible commission.

The third area to consider is product demonstration: Home party sales e.g. Avon, Tupperware and many, many others.  These companies may have company sponsored website to supplement the actual product demonstration.

  • Upside: The face to face interaction and demonstrating the products for the parties may be lots of fun.  You can make your own schedule.  For example: evening parties will allow Dad to babysit the kids.  With high sales and good hostess referrals you can be quite busy.
  • Downside for face to face parties: You will need to purchase catalogs, sample products and travel to party location set up what you will demonstrate and then break down.
  • For catalog parties you will need to purchase the catalogs.  For both you will also, in most cases, have to receive the order yourself and then repack it and deliver it to your customers.
  • Should the company have a sponsored web site, there are limits in what the company will allow you to do to promote the web site as you can not create additional key words for search or other individualization.
  • To do more individualization online you need to purchase your own domain name, put up a web site explaining what you would like to focus on then link to the specific page on the company sponsored web site to make the sale.
  • Pay rate is usually totally commission.  This could be a good or a bad thing depending on how many parties you can book and how much the customers buy.

All of the companies reviewed will appeal to different people with different needs and talents.  This posting is designed to help you find the best job fit for you.

This concludes a summary of three of the most common work at home jobs that are open to you.  This week I will post more information on the other work at home jobs that I am reviewing.