Secrets of Working Online #5.

Pay Per Click [PPC} and Autoresponder Systems  are the focus of this last one in my series of posts about how I market on the internet so that you are not stuck with no prospects like you have been in the past.    So read on and learn some of my secrets learned from my experience working online.

In the first area: The concept of pay per click advertisements is similar to the free advertisement information. 

  • There is a restriction on number of characters in each section of the advertisement.
  • You must have a catchy header to get folks to read on and something to pique their interest in the body.
  • The job of the advertisement is NOT to sell but to get folks to click to your capture page.
  • It is the job of the capture page [your own design or one sponsored by your company] to get folks to provide their contact information and to click to receive their free what ever.
  • The page they go to after the capture page will be the one with the free offer [webinar or material or book] there is opportunity when delivering those free items to sell your product or related ones.

When using pay per click you want to make sure you are NOT using pay per impression.

  • An impression is anytime that your advertisement is shown regardless of clicks.  Pay Per impression is very expensive as it is easy to rack up thousands of impressions with NO resulting clicks.
  • You only want to pay for clicks.
  • There is some controversy about using search vs content advertisements.  I use both.  Search advertisements will show up when a person uses your keywords in their search engine.  Content advertisements will show up next to or on the same page with articles that people are searching for information about.  Content ads show up on article pages with keywords similar to the ones in your ads.  Remember both use keywords so take time to build good lists.
  • The exception to pay per click is better than pay per impression might be if you have such a narrow focused niche that only those folks would see it.  This is a rather advanced technique for Social Media Advertising and not for beginners.

Regarding bidding on keywords for your pay per click make sure you bid enough that you are going to show up on “above the fold placement” or the top half of page one of the search.  Most searchers do not scroll down to the bottom of the first page or move on to second or third etc pages.  Mind your budget though.

Watch your ad network for the statistics.

  • Are any of your keywords not showing many clicks?  Might want to put that keyword on pause.
  • Do note which keywords are working and in which type [search vs content].  If any are not producing well take time to evaluate why.  You may want to pause them, revise them or just pause and scrap them.
  • Are you showing up high on the page and still not getting clicks?  Make sure your headline is catchy but not kinkey and that your copy is designed to pique interest.
  • Getting lots of clicks and hardly any follow up to your capture page – people not signing up?  It might be that your ad is not congruent with your capture page.  Make sure they match in wording and theme.
  • Getting folks providing contact information but not going further into the marketing process?  Make sure your landing page is congruent with your capture page as well as your landing page and advertisement.
  • If a person clicks through an ad and the capture page does not look like an extension of the ad – you lost them.  If the landing page does not look like an extension of the information on the capture page – you lost them.  If your follow-up to the landing page does not relate to the landing page – you lost them.
  •  Congruent – Congruent – Congruent!!!

Each Ad Network will have its own pricing and way of presenting their information.

  • Some networks allow you to schedule your ad for certain geographics only, certain days or times only.  These features can be helpful to budget your ad money and keep it spread out.
  • Don’t forget that some of the social media have their own Pay Per Click Programs.  Check them out to see what they have to offer.
  • Comment on this blog to request an extensive list of Ad Networks for you to look over and explore to find the right match for your business and your budget. I’ll send it to you free, no obligation!

The second area of information is regarding Autoresponder systems.  If you are new to online marketing you may wonder why you would need one.  After all you can copy and paste emails to respond to folks who give you their contact information right?

  • Well the joy of an autoresponder system is that it can be programmed to send 1st response immediately after the lead sends you their contact information.  Are you going to watch your inbox 24/7?  Probably not.
  • Also follow up letters or information may be promised to those who opt-in to your promotion.  Do you want to keep track of each person and what has been sent to each person so they get what you promised?  Definitely not – especially as your list grows.
  • And growing your list is what you want.
  • You can separate your list by specific catagories to facilitate product related follow-ups.
  • Having an autoresponder allows you to send a special broadcast to all should you have a special offer or bit of information to share.  Want to do that manually when you get thousands in your lists?  Most Definitely not.
  • Although there are many autoresponder systems available I do recommend Awebber for folks just getting started with list building and email notifications.  The reason is their presentation is very straight forward, not too teckie for the beginner, but has a lot of pops & whistles that the experienced marketer wants.
  • Awebber also has an excellent support system to help you figure out anything that is not clear.  Here is a link to check out what they have to offer.  [Hint if you have been to Awebber site before clear your cookies before using this link.  This link provides information about services that are newly posted.]

Happy Marketing and Growing Your Own Business.