Secrets of Online Marketing #3

Article writing and News Releases are the topics of the third in my series of posts about how I market on the internet so that you are not stuck with no prospects like you have been in the past.    So read on and learn some of my secrets learned from my experience working online.

The Article Writing is related to blogging as some of your blogs can be expanded upon then recycled as articles and some of your longer blogs can be recycled as articles.

The format that is well accepted as a reliable article source that has wide readership is   They do have rules about the type of content and what self promotion they will accept in the article. You can put a link in an article on your blog provided the blog post is 90% informational!

The links that I have provided in the past for images to use on blogs may be of assistance to getting pictures into your article face page.  Speaking of face pages: our face is always a good thing to promote. No, I’m not kidding get a good quality head shot picture of yourself!  It should be only head and shoulders and just a little more of you.  That way folks can actually see your face well [that’s why they call it a head shot.] and feel that they are getting to know you.  These head shots can be used with some of your ads as well as your blog as well as other places.  You must be smiling, no one relates in a positive way to a scowling face!  You want to look friendly and helpful and reliable – so dress for it and put your best face forward.

Ideas for article topics.  Remember that list of keywords, I suggested you investigate & save?  Well they can help you write articles also.  You can take one of those keywords and google for sites or articles that show up with those keywords.

  • You can use any of the keywords or long tailed key word phrases to spark an idea for an article that is just your own.
  • You can do more research and expand on someone’s article and publish your own.
  • You can review a product:  Pros & Cons type article about any topic or product. {Be careful not to create liable though.]  Just use product advertisement info like product 123 had X & Z and this other product has X & Y but not Z.  This would be of benefit to readers who might have specific needs in a product.
  • Another type of Comparison articles could be the top ten home based business – then list what they are and the pros and cons from a variety of views.  Keep it non-company specific like franchises in general not a specifically named one.
  • Folks love to know “How To” all sorts of things.  Pick one that relates to your business or business development in general.  Even an article with the step by step details on how to do a hyper-link in an email or a blog or article could be of interest to people just getting started in online business.



The second tip is to Do a News Release.  Something special happen to you in your business, specific accomplishment?  Yell it out to everyone in a press release.  You can share the PR link with your social media or on your blog.     Is a good press release site to use.

Ideas for press releases:

  • Just joined a new online company?
  • Just completed a special training with flying colors?
  • Just got back from your companies conference?  What you learned that was special?  Were you honored for something special?  Did you get too meet a marketing gruru while you were there [and what you learned or what impressed you about this meeting.]

You get the idea – there are newsworthy things to share –

So toot your own horn and increase your credibility as an expert.