Second in the 3 part series: So you want to work from home? Which one is right for you?

Deciding to work at home to supplement your income or to replace your income requires some research.  There are many options to work at home.  In an earlier post I reviewed three of them. 


The fourth way to work from to consider is perfect for the crafter: making crafts or other items for sale online [ebay & own web site]  Upside: If you enjoy making things with your hands this would be lots of fun while making money.  But you will spend time making a lot of items taking pictures that best display them on e-bay and write advertisement.  Down side is you need to make a LOT of items or outsource the construction of the craft which may be expensive.  Outsourcing also may reduce your product quality control.  You also have to do research to determine what is most likely to be a big seller. Pay rate will be commission after all fees and services are paid for.

The fifth area of working at home is virtual customer service:   This is similar pay rate as for those in office $8-15 per hour as these positions are usually attached to a big box store or an online store. Upside: You can work at home with a phone and a computer and make your own schedule.  This is usually steady work so you can count on the pay check. The area of virtual customer service is rapidly growing field as companies are downsizing and outsourcing this valuable skill.  Customer service can be rewarding to help people, but can be very stressful situations with really upset customers. Downside: Dealing with the public can be stressful.

The sixth area of working at home is tutoring:  Online tutor for regular class room materials or online skills [e.g how to’s on instant message, file sharing, word, spread sheet creation etc.] is a growing field.  Upside: You do not need a teaching certificate for many, but you will need a college degree.  Pay rate is usually $10-15 per hour. Downside: The work may be sporadic e.g. less financial security and you must have expertise in a specific skill or course to market.

The seventh area to consider for working at home is writing:  Copywriting, resume writing, ad writing are a few areas..  So you are a good writer and you want to profit by it.  You will need to learn to market yourself with a web site, social marketing, professional journals and college/tech school newspapers or web sites.  The pay for these will either be flat fee per item or an hourly rate usually $10-15 per hour. Upside: you can make your own schedule and focus your work on things that you enjoy doing and that you are good at doing.  Downside: Being a good writer is not enough, you will need to sell yourself and set up marketing plan so people can find you and hire you.  Work may be sporadic until you get to be well known or if you have a very small selective skill niche.

Consider the opportunity that appeals to you the most and one that you feel you can do well.  However, before committing to any of these positions, do make sure to do your homework and sign up to work for a reputable company.  Researching several companies will help you decide which company has the system that will work best for you.

This concludes a summary of four more of the most thought of work at home jobs that are open to you.  This week I will post more information on the other work at home jobs that I am reviewing.