Ripplin Have You Heard???

Riplin is the new apps game in town – have you heard?

mobile marketing cell phone with floating aps iimagesWhen you have told friends about a good movie or a good restaurant were you rewarded for the referral?       NO, Of course NOT.

Were you rewarded for referring your friends to a social site or to a specific product’s site or to a marketer’s web site?     Probably not!

Should you have been rewarded – Definitely!

water drop splash 404662_389526774453532_1136993383_nThere is a new sharing apps game, Rippln, that will reward you for sharing information – like dropping a pebble into water ripples grow. [Rippln is only 6 days old and not formally launched and has over 86,000 members playing.]

To join is free, but since the full program has not yet been launched it is by invitation only.  If interested email me and I will send you an invite by email where you can view the intro video to learn more.

mobile marketing cell phone with money coming out images


All you need to participate is a computer or smart phone or iPad.

2 thoughts on “Ripplin Have You Heard???

  1. I got your message regarding rippln… the complience has changed as we have entered into phase two of the roll out. Here is the new rules… per complience from the official Rippln facebook page.

    It reads:

    Compliance Reminder:
    Hey Everyone! The response to the videos has been so overwhelming, and like all great companies, we listened. We have been encouraged by all of you to move rom “stealth mode” to “buzz mode” more quickly than originally planned. As a result, please feel free to use the videos that are in your back office to educate those you know. You can repost those, and use the Rippln logo so long as you make clear that your site is not a corporate Rippln site and is not sponsored by Rippln. We ask that you continue to protect the view of your back office. Also remember, I’ll be watching to ensure your creativity remains upbeat and in good taste!

  2. Hi,’
    I saw this and wondered what it is about. I am in if it is free. I am currently in

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