Prepare for the Snow Daze!

I work at home online, but my recreation takes me on the road.  So, take it from someone who travels from SW PA to and through Buffalo, NY [through the snow belt and the “lake effect snow” and to the DC area [over the Allegheny Mts.] snow is sneaky.  What starts as a few puffy flakes can mount up in a hurry! 

Here is a list of some stuff you should have in a box in your car for winter emergencies to increase your safety…

  1. Cell phone and cell-phone car charger
  2. Sand or kitty litter for traction
  3. Lubricant for frozen locks
  4. Small container of motor oil
  5. Funnel—for an emergency infusion of motor oil or water
  6. Two roadside flares
  7. Safety matches
  8. Jumper cables to start a dead/low battery
  9. Flashlight and fresh batteries
  10. Thermal blanket(s)
  11. Bottled water
  12. Packages of crackers, protein bars and/or nuts
  13. Empty 3 lb. plastic coffee container with lid = portable potty.
  14. Small hand shovel
  15. Spare tire, jack and lug wrench
  16. Work gloves
  17. Spare pair wool or thermal socks.
  18. Container of windshield washer fluid [antifreeze type is best.]
  19. Ice scraper and brush
  20. Small fire extinguisher
  21. Tire chains
  22. Money [five $5.00 in zip lock bag under seat]

Don’t say that getting stuck only happens to the “other guy” prepare and be safe….