Persist Beyond Exception

Recently I shared with you information from Jay Kubassek information about 4 global trends happening right now that are poised to help you create an Internet Lifestyle. I have shared Jay Kubassek’s information on 3 Steps and am now sharing Step 4 about how to create an Internet Lifestyle for yourself.

A system is the only guarantee for financial freedom. Investors and business owners know what I’m saying. A true Internet entrepreneur who is living the good life doesn’t run a business anymore.

They have a system. A system will continue to generate income, irrespective of economic
states or weather changes.

Today’s best online businesses like ours here at ProU run 24/7/365 days a year on autopilot.

And, instead of relying on foot traffic or local demand to drive their business, they are able to do business worldwide by meeting their customers’ needs virtually and having their suppliers create, stock and drop ship the products directly to the customer’s door.

Ten years ago it was different… But recent technological advances have made people
perfectly comfortable buying online.

Online commerce continues to skyrocket. This new generation of entrepreneurs can
access global markets from the comfort of their home with little more than their laptop
and Internet connection – never actually touching the product themselves!

Outsource a handful of tasks to capable hands (freelance writers, developers, designers,
researchers, virtual assistants, etc.).

Focus on what you enjoy doing and build a strong foundation for a blissful Internet

If you believe in yourself, your system, and your worth, the only way to fail is to quit. You must have persistence beyond that of the 99% if you want to become one of the 1%.

Next blogs will show some examples…

Info from Jay Kubassek shared with you by Dr Jill, Senior Marketing Consultant