My New Years Eve Special Tradition!

                                               New Years Eve – What I am doing?

It began January 1, 2012 and has continued through today. This is what I will be doing before the party and all the celebration starts.  This has been a joy to do and I am sure will be an eye opener when I open my jar.

The first year I did this, I started a quart jar and then got a 1/2 gallon jar so my notes would not get too mashed.  All year, I wrote quick little notes about things that I was grateful for and put them in the jar.  I call it my Gratitude Jar.  I have used the 1/2 gallon jar every year, but this year I am using a gallon jar.

In the hussle and bussle of every day life it is so easy to forget the little blessings.  It is so easy to attend to the problems.   I have found that focusing on the good stuff the things that I am grateful for brings a better outlook and a clearer head to deal with problems. Taking a minute here and there to acknowledge the “good stuff” and jotting them down boosts my positive attitude.

So this afternoon I am opening my Gratitude Jar and reading all the little slips of paper and celebrating all the wonderful things that has happened in my life this past year.  Problems get smaller when your focus is on the multitude of little things to be grateful for.  I am sure that I have forgotten what some of these recorded blessings were – So I AM Grateful that I took a minute to record them to reflect upon and savor today.

I am starting another Gratitude Jar for next year –  this is not a resolution, but part of my lifestyle now.

  Will you join me in this lifestyle change???

2 thoughts on “My New Years Eve Special Tradition!

  1. Hi Dr Jill,
    I love the idea of a gratitude jar. The pleasure of reading the notes that are inside would be wonderful. The smile on your face as you read ones that you may have forgotten you put in the jar. Priceless

    • Tracy it is a WONDERFUL experience. Especially if the year appeared to be stressful or full of trials. When opening the jar and reading, I get to see all the little miracles that are so special and I realize how special the year truly was. This year a negative event that is one that I am so grateful for is “I got fired from my Occuptational Therapy job.” The blessing is that I was able to open my own healing clinic AND spend more time with my online business. I can now follow my heart and intuition without a Boss telling me what to do. Start your jar today and discover your miracles! All the Best, Dr Jill

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