Most Important Step In Marketing a Product!

Most Important Step In Marketing a Product!

shopping bags on arm with credit cardWhen marketing a product do NOT explain the product to them or how it works!  Just tell them what the product will do for them!  Why?

So true!  People do not care what the product is or how it works.  They want to know how the product solves their problem.  When I re-opened my reflexology clinic and went to chamber of commerce meetings and was given a minute to speak, I WASTED time on explaining meridians and reflex points.  Now I just say something simple like: My name and location then… “Are you experiencing stress?  Did you know that almost 75% of illness has its root cause in stress?  Do you get frequent headaches?  Do you catch colds easily?  Put your feet in my hands for less stress and better health through reflexology”.   People care that they are stressed and the stress is making them ill and that I can help them with stress – most come in to the clinic for first appointments with no clue about what reflexology is or how it works, They just want their stress lowered.  When I shifted my approach to being a problem solver, I had more new clients calling for my services.

So when you fall in love with a product and want to sell it to others as an inventor of the product or affiliate of a producer spend a little time thinking.  Think of a list of problems that people have that using your product will solve!  Then show them that their problem will be solved with your product in the best, quickest way.

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