Jobs, Are We Cultured & Educated for Mediocrity?

 Looking for More?  What if you are a free thinker, someone with desires to have a life of meaning and purpose and you are stuck in a “job”.  

Our culture said our fathers and grandfathers were trained for a “job” and worked for a company with the goal of the “gold watch” at retirement.  Our education is geared to creating good workers.  Workers that will fit into a specific work mold or career.

Unfortunately, with the way businesses are changing and evolving, the average worker will change jobs more than 4 times before retirement.  Some of these changes will require more education and a significant mindset shift.  Our education trains us to seek and ensure basic survival.

Even if this “ideal job” of our fathers and grandfathers still existed,it is not enough for many of us any more.  We are looking for more to life, more fulfillments a goal beyond the “job”  But how do we move on to more???

Realization of the changes in our business society is the first step.  The operative word is change.  Some industries have vanished others have arrived.  “Change is the new normal.”

The second step is belief in your self and trust in your imagination to guide you.  Imagination is the foundation of change and growth.  If you can see something in your imagination it will be possible to follow a plan to make it reality.  You must be focused to guide your image in to fulfillment.

  • You want to have more time for your family.
  • You are tired of a salary ceiling, that you can not get through.
  • You are bored and unhappy with a routine job.
  • You want to be of service & help people.

Break free of the habits of the past and the way you react to work and your life.  Let go of old habitation; to make room for the new work opportunities and broaden your horizons.


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