Increase Your Influence, Impact etc in Your Online Business

Increase Your Influence, Impact etc in Your Online Business

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You have an online home business, a product, a web site but business is not booming.  I know it has been said that if you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door, but….

Even if you do have the best mouse trap or product, but if the world or a significant part of it does not know you or your product or your business exists you get nothing.

How do you become known?  Answer: To be perceived as an expert not just a sales person.

  • Show your face – get on the Social Networks – don’t be “salesey” though. Remember social networks are social – post about who you are especially related to your product.
  • Write articles about topics related to your product – compare features of a variety of related products. Don’t push the sales just information at this point.
  • Think about who you want to market your product.  Then join a forum and make posts that are informational not sales oriented.
  • Write an article about a problem that folks have that your product could solve – do it from a problem & pain & frustration standpoint.  Don’t say that my stuff is the greatest. Say the specific features of your product address this common problem.
  • Do some informational quick video’s and post them on social networks, your own blog etc.
  • Get a mentor someone who is known in your field and work with that person.  Emulate what they have done, but put it into your own words and style.

For the Social Networks be a person.  Show who you are, a successful business person who knows about the specific products and the specific niche that will benefit from them.

  • Don’t sell, just share information, with confidence without talking down to people.
  • See my previous post on Twitter Manners:
  • Be approachable to those with questions.
  • Remember that people would rather make a purchase from someone they trust and like.
  •  So be likeable!

Articles that Compare Products: Again don’t sell,  compare features.

  • Check out other writers to see the ones you respond to well.  They are not the ones that promote one product and sound like a sales brochure.
  • Pick several related products or like I did in a previous blog chose a bunch of work at home positions.  Then you do pros and cons of each. [Part 1:  Part 2: Part 3: ]
  • Pros and cons should relate to promised benefits and potential problems.  For laptops size of screen, type of mouse, features [CD & DVD]
  • Compare apples to apples not apples to oranges!  When comparing laptops do a comparison on the hardware capability the design that is or is not user friendly.  Different software can be put into any [almost any] hardware.
  • If you list the benefits and drawbacks of 5+ items the reader will get an idea that you are providing information so he can make up his own mind rather than a direct sale of one product.

Niche Market Forums: Forums may not apply to all types of products, but niche market does apply to all types of products.

  • Your niche market should not be wide spread and generic.  There is a certain type of customer you are ideally looking to find define him/her.
  • See my “scattergun vs sniper” previous post for more information on this. []  But if forums are appropriate for your product, join then read.
  • Make sure any info you post to the forum is informational and NEVER “salesey”.  You should establish yourself as a person who has some good ideas and information a person of expertise in your posts.
  • After a while, as an expert, you could make a post to the effect I’ve tried “A” and I’ve tried “B” and I find that the benefits of B outweigh the benefits of A [neither A or B are your products].
  • Be careful not to spend too much time in your day in the forums they can be time wasters.

For the next idea about the problem/solution article consider the mousetrap.

  • Think of the end result of catching a mouse. Ugh.[the problem]  There is now a product that entices the mouse inside snaps shut and you throw the whole thing away. [the solution]  The ugh of dealing with emptying the trap of dead mouse and rebating it is solved with this relatively new product.
  • All products are designed to solve some sort of problem or improve a situation.
  • State the uncomfortable problem well to get attention. Then show in detail how a specific product solves that problems – feeling better. Then the action step of click here for more info or buy now.
  • This approach can be blended well with the comparison articles when appropriate for sales.
  • This approach does not bash another product, but explains how your product solves a painful problem.

Mentors are worth their weight in gold:  These are the folks who “have been there, done that and are successful experts in their fields.” For more on this see my post on Mentors: “Why You Need a Mentor”  []

  • You may be fortunate if you are affiliated with or working for a company that actually has a mentoring program in place.
  • If you are not so fortunate or you are marketing your own product you can still have a mentor.  You will just have to do some homework to find one.
  • Look online to who is successful, who exudes confidence and expertise without sounding fake or like a sales pitch.  You could emulate what they have done translating it to your own personal style.
  • If you find someone who you would like to have as a mentor and that person offers a course of interest, take the course that can open up a line of communication.
  • If that person has a contest or challenge to do something business related enter it.  You may just win and that will open the door to dialogue.

To summarize to extend your circle of influence, become respected, become an expert in your specific area then focus your attention on getting the information funneled to your target market. 

  • Don’t come on like the proverbial :used car” salesmen!  [No disrespect intended – I am referring to the stereotype of the worst type of sales person not a specific job.]
  • Be more than sales, be an expert someone who provides quality information, gain respect.
  • Being a human being who happens to have expertise will go further than knowing all the “sales tricks” in the book.
  • Let your piece of the world, your niche, know you are there to help with their problems.