How To Combat “Overwhelm”

How To Combat “Overwhelm”

Roar baby lionjpgOverwhelm: Webster’s New World definition #1: to pour down upon and cover or bury beneath or #2: to make helpless as with greater force or deep emotion; overcome; crush; overpower.  So how to avoid it or combat it.

Too many things piling up on a person will make them feel overwhelmed. 

What helps it to have a way to sort and categorize or prioritize the “stuff” that is piling up and threatening to bury us.  That is why libraries have a card catalogue number or a library of congress number – to sort out books so that they are arranged in a way to make sense.

When in business or embarking on learning anything new we want and need as much information as possible.  But, we don’t necessarily want it all at once.  We can absorb and act on massive amounts of information and training if it is sorted out and arranged in a sequential manner.

Having a good curriculum of prioritized information by category is helpful in any training, but that alone is not enough.  You need a guide.  In business and education this guide is called a Mentor.

A good mentor is there to help you sort out the information for you to learn, to help clarify the information and to help you learn to apply the information in the real world.  The good mentor will also challenge you to progress and hold you accountable to getting done what you say you will do.  The mentor opens the door on clarifying knowledge and training for you in your real world.

Regardless of the training platform, the good mentor is so important in the online business world.  In this online working world it is so easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from human assistance.

Don’t be overwhelmed – fix it! The best online business has good and easy to understand sequential training modules.   And, it has an excellent mentoring program that is easy to access.  This is your path to success.

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