How Small Businesses Keep In Touch When Over Seas.

How Small Businesses  Keep In Touch When Over Seas.

smart phone in handYou have a small business and want to keep in touch with what is going on, but you are going to be traveling overseas or on this continent outside this country.  How do you keep in touch without incurring huge international roaming rates???

FIRST: The easiest and least expensive is to pack your tablet or laptop with you.  Put some digital time into your vacation travel schedule.  By taking advantage of the complimentary business centers and Wi-Fi at most hotels and resorts, you can communicate via email, or video conferencing meetings free of charge.  Some of these business centers even have computers/laptops available for your use.

SECOND: Purchase a pre-paid phone so you can pay for international calls as you go – much better than getting the surprise bill when you get home.  Order it online before travel or purchase when you arrive at your destination.

THIRD:  Check with your current carrier for options.  Some carriers offer special international data pack ad- ons that are reasonable.  Some offer forwarding to a “world phone” for lesser rates for trips of 3 weeks or less.

FOURTH:  This one was new to me — I had heard of the others for a long time, so this one must be relatively new.  There is something called International unlocking that may save smart phone users that are operating on GSM systems [global system for mobiles.]  You would have to check with your carrier to see if your type of phone can be temporarily unlocled with a specialized SIM card.k

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