Here are 5 Key Areas To Selecting Your Online Business

The 5 Key areas to consider and research are:

1.     The Marketing System

2.     The Compensation Plan

3.     The Training System

4.     The Community and support.

5.     The Products.

Take time to assess each key area for any business opportunity!  Ask yourself these questions.

  • Does the marketing system and compensation plan match your needs and goals?  Is there a training system?
  • Is the training system very inclusive and designed to help novices as well as the more expert?
  • Does the opportunity have an easy to access community and support system?
  •  What are the products and are they front end or back end? [Potential to make money as you get started or potential to set up lists/contacts for good later sales or both.]

If it appears to be a good fit go for a test run to get more information. If it seems too good to be true, pass it up and keep researching!

I will be making 5 more posts on with more details on this topic.

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