Happy Fathers Day.

Fathers Day  969062_558543417550702_1917064203_nHappy Fathers Day!

A salute to Fathers – a parent, not a pal.

Children need fathers, not visitors.  Children benefit in so many ways from having two parents.  There is no replacement for a genuine father who cares for his children, and is there through thick and thin.

The effects socially and psychologically on children of missing dads is very apparent and tangible.  Children learn how to interact with the opposite sex by watching how their parents interact with each other.  Children learn how to interact with friends from the role models they have in how their parents interact with  friends and neighbors.  It is never true to believe what an adult says and ignore what they do.


Although there are differences in perspective Men are not really from Mars nor Women from Venus.  But each parent has much to offer in interpreting the child’s environment for him/her.

Today we honor the Fathers the Emotionally, Physically Present and Caring DADS!


Thanks Dad [Kenneth M. Winterbottom] and Papa [Rupert Hayden] for being there for me. I feel badly that my daughters dad, died so young that he did not have the honor of being there for the long haul.