Get Your Story Told With Dr Jill.

Dr Jill has expanded her services with a new project to help budding and experienced authors see their works published and share their stories.

Being true to following my passion of  helping people I have recently expanded my online services.  I am  now a full fledged Kindle Publisher to help authors release the book that is burning inside them wanting to get out.

  • “We all have a story to tell, but until recently we were limited to actually telling the story, writing a blog and hoping someone found it or dealing with all the hassles and expense of a major publishing house.”
  • I did not feel that was right as it has excluded many authors from sharing their wonderful works.
  • So I explored alternate possibilities and has learned the ins and outs of electronic publishing.  I am now a Kindle Publisher ready and waiting to help authors get their stories out in this modern digital form.
  • I also discovered that the way books were published in the 18th and 19th Centuries is the most profitable way to publish today.
  • The reading public is delighted with stories in a series of small books or how to booklets now just as they were in the past.  It appears in our fast paced world we want focused information not extraneous information so the short book form is a hot seller.
  • Stories mesmerize and provide a break from the current situation.  The how to books help the reader figure out something tricky, just as if they had an expert on call. Travel tips booklets can help others have a more pleasant travel experience – you get the idea a story that needs to be told.
  • Digital downloading gets the purchased information in the hands of the reader fast.  These short books and books in a series are also less daunting for the author – the person with a story to tell to create.

 The “Old Fashioned” short story and stories in a series is easier for the author and the reader when the creation is digital.  Dr Jill is interested in helping others get their stories told.