From Fan to Player?

From Fan to Player?  

Baseball batterI am sure that fans become the best players.  The youngsters that eat and sleep their favorite sport are strong fans.  Those strong fans, with talent and training, can become players.

There is a game that I have been working behind the scenes with the developers on.  I am an avid fan.  I was just given the opportunity to become a player!  The training is excellent and so very easy to follow.  I have the talent of wanting to help others so this is a good fit for me.  And, the fact that I like to have fun is a plus also.

Here is a video to explain how to go from Fan to Player in this new game!  But, if you are not a fan yet, just go to the website at the bottom of the page and request an invitation if this incentivised sharing game sounds like fun to you.


My Blitz [easy join] link is:

Should you click on blitz link too late you can go to my website where invitation request can be found.