Focused/dedicated Blog or Not?

For the past few days I have been doing research on blogging in the hopes of increasing my following on my blog and my Empower Network Blog.   I came up with an amazing discovery.  The blogs like mine that are dedicated 90% to online work tips were not as well followed as the mixed messages blogs.  It appears that the dedicated blogs were ho-hum boring perceived by the average reader.   The blogs that were more of a hodge-podge of what I learned today, researched today, got into today etc were perceived by the reader to have been written by a more touchable and relate-able human being.  Here I thought that the focus would have appeal to folks looking for info on a specific topic.  I am going to follow the recommendations that I have found in my research and will increase the scope of my blogging.  So hang on to your hats – and join me in my scattered and fun informational gathering life.  Feed back on this approach is welcomed with delight.