Find an Already Successful “Real World” Mentor

Recently I shared with you information from Jay Kubassek information about 4 global trends happening right now that are poised to help you create an Internet Lifestyle. I have shared Jay Kubassek’s information on Step 1 and am now discussing Step 2 of 4 about how to create an Internet Lifestyle for yourself.

Step 2.  From Dr Jill’s point of view and experience is to find an already successful “Real World Mentor”:

You must find someone who is already achieving the results that you want in a specific business and see if he or she would be willing to mentor you a few hours a month.

Why?  If you could do this on your own you would have already done it.  Trust me, you do need a mentor.

You have heard the old sayings: “If all else fails, follow the directions.” and “There’s no substitute for experience.”  Both are sort of true, but each alone is not enough..

Without the directions you are wallowing and guessing about how something is done.  To learn a new skill like marketing or being an entrepreneur you need real good step by step clear directions [written, videos, webinars].  If they are sequential and clear you can get a good start at your learning. [The Plan in Step 1.]

If there is no substitute for experience, how do you get it?  By doing something by trial and error is the real long and hard way.  The “school of hard knocks” can work after a lot of time and hurt, perhaps wasted money and needless hardships.

A Mentor is the person with lots of successful experience who:  Takes you in hand to help you see how the book learning education really works and how to apply it.  A good mentor will hold you accountable for what you say you will do and be available for one on one meetings on a regular basis.  A good mentor will redirect you, clarify confusion and challenge you to grow.

Get a mentor.  For online businesses whether it is direct marketing, MLM or a web storefront you can find a mentor.

  • Just check into their experience and success.
  • Don’t fall for the “I can tech you how to make $50,000 in 90 days.” type folks.  Those are the get rich quick type that are usually scams.
  • Look for mentors that have a success record in their field.
  • See if the mentors are recommending sequential and clear teaching modules.
  • Does the mentor offer webinars as well as one on one coaching?

Justin Woolf is my Marketing Mentor and he is patient, but challenging and I am growing in understanding and skills by leaps and bounds.  I believe a good mentor can cram about 8 years of  “the school of hard knocks” and “study time” into a few fun filled months.

More on the remaining steps to create your Internet Lifestyle is coming.

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