Does an Entrepreneur working at home online need a schedule?.

What! you may say – I am self employed and can I do my own thing right?  I am doing this so I am my own boss – schedule yuck & blah!  But, if you want to make money and grow your business you will need a schedule to structure your day when working from home.

When you had a W-2 type “job” you reported to work on time and did all the tasks your supervisor told you to get done. These tasks are listed in the Job Description that you were given when you were hired.  There was a learning curve for the novel and unfamiliar tasks when you began.  But, as time went on you developed a routine that got the job done and kept your supervisor happy and earned you a paycheck.  You followed a schedule then!

The Entrepreneur who is learning to work at home online, needs to set his own schedule and have the discipline to stick to it.  Some online businesses do give more guidance to the beginner than others in the form of tools and mentors which helps a lot.  But, what are the components of the entrepreneur’s schedule?

  • Time for study to learn the beginning technical skills to run the business online.
  • Time for study to learn the professional components, the product, the marketing program for your company.
  • Time to cultivate the copy-writing skills to promote yourself.
  • Time to advertise – online ads, newspaper ads, promo DVDs or CDs etc.
  • Time to meet with your up-line or mentor or business leader to work on your business plan and problem solve any area you are concerned about.
  • Time to mentor your leads and customers and affiliates – to be the mentor to help them join your business and to succeed in the business.

So how much time do you need for what?  A full time entrepreneur will have a 6-8 hour day available to schedule.  The part-timer will have fewer hours, but the percentage of work time will be similar.

  • Well the beginner will be spending lots of study time and skill development time as much as 4-6 hours a day.  A fair amount of time advertising about 2-3 hours a day.   And time scheduled, at least weekly, with your business leader to problem solve any unsure areas.  You will need some time to talk with your leads.  In the beginning your time with business leader and leads will only take about an hour a day. [6-1-1 then 4-3-1 or 4-2-2]
  • The more advanced entrepreneur will be spending less time learning, 1-2 hours a day.  Advertising & writing time will be about 2-3 hours a day.  Working with your leads, customers and affiliates 4 hours or more a day.  You will need to reduce working with leads one day to schedule a weekly hour with your business leader should be scheduled to keep your business growing. [1-3-4]
  • The time of day you block for each task needs to relate to your mental alertness.  For example are you a lark or an owl?  The larks should schedule tasks that are harder for them earlier in the day when they are sharper.  The owls should not try to start their heavy thinking part of the day for 8am, but the larks might do well with that.
  • Pay attention to your higher energy thinking times are and use those times to increase your productivity.  I am a lark and an owl- I do well first in the morning and in late afternoon and evening.  So my mid day is my mental down time and I never schedule mentally challenging tasks at that time.

Scheduling is not a dirty word, it is a plan of what needs to be done time block by time block.  When anyone thinks of the whole job, it seems overwhelming.  But, when the task is broken down into specific bits of time it is easy to check off each and feel that you are making progress towards your goal of having a successful home based online business.

Well entrepreneur – you are your own boss! Act like one and take the time to give yourself a schedule to go with your business plan.

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