Be Safe From Lyme Disease!


tick on fingerAs summer turns into fall be mindful of the tiny insects that live in your yard.  Just raking your leaves can provide a time for the tiny deer tick to attach to your clothing or skin and may be carrying Borrelia bacteria.  Pennsylvania is ranked #1 out of 10 states where Lyme disease is most common .  Approximately 99% of all reported cases are confined to just 5 geographic areas. . Continue reading

Tips and Tricks to Make Winter Easier.

Tips and Tricks to Make Winter Easier. 

old man winter blows

  • Ice-proof your windows…with vinegar! Frost on its way? Just fill a spray bottle with three parts vinegar to one part water & spritz it on all your windows at night. In the morning, they’ll be clear of icy mess. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which raises the melting point of water—preventing water from freezing!
  • Squeak-proof your wipers…with rubbing alcohol! Wipe the wipers with a cloth saturated with rubbing alcohol or ammonia. This one trick can make badly streaking & squeaking wipers change to near perfect silence & clarity.
  • Prevent car doors from freezing shut…with cooking spray! Spritz cooking oil on the rubber seals around car doors & rub it in with a paper towel. The cooking spray prevents water from melting into the rubber!
  • De-ice your lock in seconds…with hand sanitizer! Just put some hand sanitizer gel on the key & the lock & the problems solved!frozen windshield
  • Fog-proof your windshield…with shaving cream! Spray some shaving cream on the inside of your windshield & wipe if off with paper towels. Shaving cream has many of the same ingredients found in commercial defoggers!
  • Keep your headlights clear…with car wax! Just wipe ordinary car wax on your headlights. It contains special water repellents that will prevent that messy mixture from accumulating on your lights – lasts 6 weeks.
  • Liberally apply cooking spray to both sides of a plastic or metal shovel before clearing away snow, and ice will slide right off instead of building up.
  • For icy steps and sidewalk in freezing temperatures, mix 1 teaspoon of Dawn dish soap, 1 table spoon rubbing alcohol and ½ gallon hot/warm water.   Pour over walkways.  They won’t refreeze.
  • If you find yourself in the impossible situation of having to scrape very thick ice or snow you’re your windshield, don’t fret!  The right scraper can do wonders, but a nice homemade de-icing solution can help, too.  Recipe #1:   Mix one part water to two parts rubbing alcohol.  Apply to the window and   watch it peel right off!      Recipe #2:  Use a bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol (50% works, too, but not as well) with a few drops of dish soap.  Apply liberally to the glass with a spray bottle.
  • kitty snow on head
  • Always carry a container of clay based kitty litter in your trunk – gives you traction to get out of a stuck spot.

Want To Start A Blog? Read This Advice!

blog fingers Blog-GraphicWant To Start A Blog? Read This Advice!

Blogging is a fun hobby for some, and a business venture for others. Any way you slice it, a blog is your personal refuge. If you are thinking about starting a blog, though, you likely want to attract readers. The piece that follows includes several great ideas to get your blog up and running smoothly.

When writer’s block strikes, don’t succumb to the temptation to copy content. If you copy any part of somebody else’s blog or article to yours, you could get caught and it would ruin your reputation. Don’t worry about whether you are a good enough writer; if you write about subjects you love, readers will return to your blog again and again.

As you develop your blog, think about buying a domain name of your own instead of utilizing free sites. Acquiring a domain name is inexpensive and will ensure a professional appearance. Having your own domain can make it easier for readers to remember and find your blog. Use your business name or a related keyword in your blog domain.

Don’t make long, meandering posts or posts that meander and don’t get to the point. While it is important to provide the depth of detail that your readers are looking for, blogs that are too long and verbose will simply put your readers to sleep. People who read blogs look for clear and concise information rather than complicated details. Give them the content they want and, unless your page is poetic or otherwise high brow in nature, not literary prose.

Make sure you blog is in good health. Doing so means maintaining your blog properly and varying things from time to time. This keeps readers engaged and ensures people don’t have issues getting to your blog.

In order to boost traffic, your blog must be focused on providing good quality and engaging content. Users will be more likely to keep coming back if they find your content to be of high quality, and most importantly that it comes across as personal and honest.

blog or not to blog bloggingPlacing your blog articles on the Internet in a variety of places is important. This brings in the most readers. Never restrict the number of channels through which you can achieve your objectives. This powerful maneuver will help you reach more people. Use every outlet available on the internet to draw more attention to your blog.

It is very important to maintain consistent with your blog, so you will want to keep a regular posting schedule. There are new blogs going up all the time, and if you don’t stay consistent with your postings, people might look to another blog. Holidays may provide some leeway, but you really need to be consistent with blog posting.

Break up long blog posts with subheadings to ensure your reader doesn’t tire out. When you make your posts easier to read, you’ll retain a wider readership. This is an easy step you can take to take your blogging to a whole new level.

Blogging requires more than a simple approach. You need to always be researching, learning and working it like a business. Learn from experienced bloggers, and apply some of the techniques that they are using. If you don’t keep learning and improving, your blog will fall behind.

Take advantage of the social media revolution to increase your blog’s readership. This is the newest way to connect with people over the Internet. If you skipping this, you are not getting as many viewers as you can. If you want your blog to be successful you should post content to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.

online incentive contests and giveaways imagesOne of the best ways to draw in new visitors to your site is to have a giveaway. It doesn’t have to be an expensive item, people love to get anything for free! Just the word free will attract readers out of the woodwork. Offer freebies often and your readership will increase. If people believe you are giving away free items, then they’ll more likely view your blog more often.

Homeowners Insurance Information Will Help You Make The Right Choice

Homeowners Insurance Information Will Help You Make The Right Choice

home insuranceThe insurance that is good for your neighbors may not be the same as what you need. Fortunately, you can easily locate all kinds of homeowner’s policies; therefore, you should always keep looking until you’ve discovered the best policy for your needs. Continue reading for some excellent tips on discovering the best possible policy.

If you are searching for an easy method of saving money on your homeowner’s insurance premiums, then simply pay off your mortgage. Insurance companies work under the assumption that those who own their homes will take better care of them. Therefore, by paying down your mortgage, you might be able to save on annual premiums.

There are two major things that you can ensure are done to help lower your insurance costs. Get a security system. It can reduce your insurance premiums by several percentage points. Be sure to send a copy of your installation bill or security system contract to your insurance company. You can also install working smoke alarms. Together, these two improvements will keep you safer and save you a total of 10% annually.

camera taking picturesYou should take pictures of your expensive personal property if you want your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover the replacement of any of these items. Documenting all your possessions takes a lot of time, but it is the only way to make sure you will get what these items are worth if they are damaged or stolen.

Don’t forget to inventory your business equipment separately from your household items.  You may need to add a policy rider to have these covered.  If you have clients or customers or employees coming to your home do make sure to have sufficient insurance to cover a slip and fall on your property.  Talk to your insurance agent for specifics.

A homeowner can take many actions to reduce the premium of their homeowner’s insurance policy. One way you can impact your homeowner’s insurance costs before you begin construction on your home or undertake a remodel is to research whether the use of specific building materials will reduce your costs of insurance.

If you are going to be 55 soon, you probably should speak with your homeowner’s insurance company, or get a review on your policy. Senior citizen discounts for people 55 are offered by companies. Find a company that does if yours does not.

Buying a security system is a smart way to save in the long run on your home insurance. This will not only protect you and your family, but you will pay less for home owner’s insurance. When you take responsibility to keep protect your belongings, the insurance company will see your risk go down and charge you less. The savings on the premium will pay for the new security system, over time.

investigate man with  magnifying glassHaving a policy that fits your needs like a glove is what everyone should be aspiring to when it comes to homeowner’s insurance. A generic policy is not necessarily going to give you all the coverage that you need. Make sure that you use the tips learned here as you shop for insurance, and find the best policy for your needs.

Investigate your current insurance company for savings by asking about the tips listed above.  Then consider getting a second or third opinion.

Don’t get Bugged and Bitten!

no bugsDon’t get Bugged and Bitten!

Is your favorite perfume for backyard barbeques, picnics and campfires “eau de bug spray”? Don’t stink and don’t get bitten either.

Prevent the bites without  harsh chemical insect repellents.  DEET although very effective in keeping bugs off and preventing stings and bites is very harmful to your body.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body and is able to not only conduct sweat out of the body, it can and does carry toxic chemicals into the body.

So what do you do?  Go natural to keep the bugs off!

tick on fingerKeep the ticks off.  Ticks can carry the Lyme Disease and other hazards.  Keep them at bay:

  • Gel repellent for ticks: 1 Tblsp aloe vera gel, 2 Tblsp  and 25 drops of rose geranium essential oil or lavender essential oil  Rub liberally on skin.
  • Spray:  2:1 white distilled vinegar to water solution and add lemon balm essential oil or citrus oil.  Spray clothing and skin ever 3-4 hours when out in the woods.

mosuito in colorMosquitos won’t bite: use this good smelling spray.

  • In a plastic or glass spray or spritz bottle combine 1/4 cup pure witch hazel, 4 drops of each of the following essential oils,  rosemary, lemongrass, citronella, eucalyptus and mint [peppermint or wintergreen].  Shake well and spray skin liberally.

When you are purchasing your essential oils make sure they are organic so that they are free of harsh chemicals.  Although natural the essential oils are very strong and must be diluted.  The above recipes are deemed to be safe for age 6 and over and most breeds of dogs.  However, do wash your hands before petting a cat as cats are very susceptible to poisoning from ingesting even small quantities of essential oils.

Be safe, smell good use essential oils to protect your fragile skin.




Tired Of Fighting With Allergies? Win The Battle With These Amazing Tips

Tired Of Fighting With Allergies? Win The Battle With These Amazing Tips

sneezing person blond womanIf you’re like most, you deal with allergies here and there. Sometimes allergy symptoms are merely annoying, and other times they stop us in our tracks. If you are suffering from allergies, know that help is available! Relief of your symptoms is possible.

For safety’s sake, always test a new over-the-counter antihistamine at home. Most of these products have ingredients that could make you sleepy or disturb your reflexes. Try your new medication out for the first time when you do not need to work or drive.

If you are allergic to animals but have to have a pet, get one with short fur. Short-haired animals don’t impact allergies nearly as bad as long-haired ones do. To minimize allergic reactions to pets, forbid them from getting on the furniture or in your bed.

Keep your bathroom well-ventilated in order to keep mildew and mold at bay. Hot, humid conditions are outstanding for cultivating these allergens. After your bath or shower, use an overhead exhaust fan to remove moisture from the air. Hang damp bath towels and cloths on a rack or bar. Open a window if you don’t have a fan.

Make sure you’re properly hydrated to treat a bronchial allergy. When you are dehydrated, the membranes of your nose and throat can become dry and irritated. Mucosal glands will produce difficult-to-break-up secretions when hydration isn’t sufficient, affecting your bronchial tubes.

honey bees on honey frame imagesThe honey bees can help your allergies.  Get some local raw honey.  Make sure the source is close to your home – within 5-8 miles.  The bees producing local honey will be visiting the pollen plants and nectar plants that you are living near.  Eating a couple of teaspoons of raw honey a day will help desensitize you.  Make sure it is raw honey NOT pasturized as heating honey over 110 degrees F will destroy all the good stuff in the honey.

In the Western US olive trees are something that people often use to landscape with. Unfortunately, these trees produce a huge amount of pollen. If you learn to identify these trees when you see them that will aid you in devising ways to protect yourself from any allergens. Many people find that training a water hose on the tree a few minutes of each day is enough to significantly reduce pollen problems.

Now, some effective natural remedies are available to allergy sufferers. Using these remedies it is possible to fight many allergy symptoms. Holistic products can offer natural relief from symptoms like itchiness, sneezing and swelling.

herbals for healingA great tip in the springtime is to keep your windows closed to keep the pollen out. By opening windows, you allow free-floating pollen to come into your house and trigger your allergy symptoms. In addition, check and clean your vent and air conditioner filters to prevent allergens from circulating inside your home.

Once you have control of your allergy symptoms, you can have an enjoyable life! Itchy eyes or having a runny nose as well as other symptoms should not ruin your life. Taking action and doing basic things to improve your symptoms can, indeed, give you the much needed relief that you crave.

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Choose The Right Home Owner’s Insurance With These Tips To Help

Choose The Right Home Owner’s Insurance With These Tips To Help

homeowners insurance downloadEach time the TV is turned on, a magazine is opened, a radio is listened to, or a street is driven down, you are exposed to ads for homeowner’s insurance. Educate yourself about the facts of homeowners insurance by reading this article. Don’t fall victim to the colorful campaigns.

It’s crucial to have homeowner’s insurance. You have no recourse in case of a disaster without proper homeowner’s insurance. If there is a mortgage on the home you live in, the loan you took out may require you to have homeowner’s insurance.

One way to reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance premiums is to pay off your mortgage. That isn’t easy, but insurance companies view you as less risky if you fully own your house. They generally believe you will take better care of your home if you outright own it.

Iinventory box imagesn order to ensure your insurance claims are processed correctly, you should keep an updated list of all of your home’s contents. Suffering through a major disaster can be overcome without losing everything, but only if you remain diligent and update the insurance agency frequently. Taking photos of your home’s contents is the easiest way to recall what you own when you need to file a claim.

Remember to include your home office equipment and supplies under your homeowners insurance.  Itemize these as business supplies for recovery and as business loss verification at tax time.

All homeowners want to keep their insurance costs low. A higher deductible is one way to achieve lower insurance costs. By choosing a higher deductible, you can effectively lower the overall cost of your policy. However, ensure you have an emergency repair fund to make necessary small repairs that your insurance will not pay for.

If you want to reduce the price of the premium you pay for home insurance, there are several things you can do. Renovations to the home could alter your insurance premiums so ensure you are fully aware of the facts before you decide on your renovation materials.

You might not think that flood insurance is necessary, but you may want to get it anyway. It’s estimated that one fourth of flood claims are made outside of areas that are high-risk. You can save on your flood insurance policy if you do not live in a high-risk area.

homeowners flood ins downloadAlarms help your premiums go down. You’ll have a better chance of getting a lower rate if the insurance company knows you have taken these extra security precautions. After safety features are installed, premiums should be lowered.

Insurance companies want you to pay the highest amount, even if they are reputable. This is how they make their money. Make sure you use these tips to ensure you get the best deal possible.

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Better Pest Control Is Waiting For You

Better Pest Control Is Waiting For You

pesticide free love family more imagesHow are you dealing with your home pests? Ensure you use this advice when you are figuring out what to do. There are a lot of different things that are able to help you if you don’t want to deal with pests. Read on to get the top information available today.

Remember Toxic MONSANTO Type Products are NOT the only way to be bug free!!

Vacuuming rugs helps eliminate the pests inside a home. Any stray insects will be sucked up in the vacuum. Just make sure that you dispose of the bag whenever you finish.

Do you have a fruit fly problem? You may be breeding them right in your home. Put some plastic over the drain to see. Next, you may want to use boiling water to get rid of these pests by pouring it into the drain. Not in the drain?  Make a fruit fly trap.  Take a 4 oz canning jar put apple cider vinegar in it and 3-4 drops of Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid in it.  Poke a bunch of holes in the lid and put it on the jar.  They crawl in and drown.  This is the best way to get rid of fruit flies.

hairspray aqua net imagesOne of the ways that you can kill hornets, wasps around your house is to spray them with hairspray. Not only will this spray kill bugs on contact, but the smell will also deter others from coming.  If you suspect that you have honeybees in your attic – please remember that they are beneficial insects and call a local beekeeper to come and capture them.  You can call 1-866-4NO-BUZZ to locate a beekeeper in your area.

A professional should always have inspected your home prior to closing the deal. Some signs of infestation can be easily recognized, but there are many pests that hide.

If you wish to know whether or not there are termites where you live, try hiring a dog to seek them out, not a person. Humans can only check about a 30% of your home’s surface area for termite infestations. Trained dogs are able to check all of the house. They will notice methane gas, which can come from termites consuming the wood in your home.

stink bug indexStinking — stink bugs?  Vacuum them up and dispose of the bag outside your home in a tightly knotted plastic bag.  Fill a spray bottle with dishwashing liquid and water and spray the stink bugs that you can not easily reach with a vacuum.

Mint can help in your battle against mice. Mint around your foundation of the house will help, and it’s a perennial. Mice will not want to live near this fragrant plant. If you’ve got mice, sprinkle some mint leaves near the affected areas. This usually repels mice, but you must always use fresh mint leaves.

Ants crawling in and out?  Sprinkle yellow cornmeal where you see them.  They will come and get the cornmeal [don’t be surprised if you see more ants for a short period].  They will take it home to their nest where they will consume it.  The ants just puff up and die – this kills off the whole nest.

ants indexFind out as much as you can about the pest that is plaguing you. Learn the kinds of substances that are toxic to that species. Learn what things the animal does not like. Tailoring your plan of action to the particular type of pest involved is the ideal approach to removing them from your home.  Google for natural pesticides for home and garden to find out more.

pesticide free zone indexAre you more knowledgeable about how to control your indoor pests? This article should have given you greater confidence to deal with your pest issues. Remember that your home is your home, not a home for insects. You can evict all your bugs now with the handy pest control tips presented here.