Are You Focused or Frustrated in Your Online Business?

A good entrepreneur working at home online knows he needs to be focused and disciplined.  He needs to follow his self designed schedule faithfully.  His schedule is easier to follow if it is based on his personal focus otherwise he has growing frustration.

I was a frustrated focuser when I started working at home online!  I had a good product, one I was proud of.  I had a good and helpful up-line/mentor.  I had an inclusive company sponsored website that I could personalize.  There was good basic [introductory] level training that I studied.  But… I was ineffective.  This is how I got over being so scattered and frustrated.

My mentor told me to get motivated.  I was motivated!  I wanted to quit my “job” and work from home in my slippers with the teapot nearby.  Then along came a couple of real cute reasons that increased my desire to make my own schedule.  Their names are Alan and Abby, my grandchildren.  Well isn’t that motivation enough?  Evidently not for frustration abounded.

  • Then I discovered there is motivation and motivation fueled by passion.  I spent quite some time identifying my passion in life through lots of self questions.  Questions like: What do I really like about my current job and why?  [There was LOTS I did not like.]  If I did not have to work what would I be doing and why?  What is my favorite thing to do and why?  What makes me joyous [not just happy] and why?
  • When I answered all these questions, I took those answers and asked myself why again.   What was behind the answer that I gave myself?  I kept going deeper with each question [like layers of an onion] until my why for all the questions was hinging on a single core thought.
  • Yipeeee!  I had discovered my passion!   I had a passionate need to be of service and to help people.  Ahaaa!  That was why I had been an unhappy secretary, a happy Mom and a happy therapist in the past.  I had a need to help.  Hmmmm But, where to go with that.

My motivation to become an entrepreneur was to be fueled by my passion to help people.   That explained why I was not doing well selling online product.  As good as the product was, I did not perceive it as being fueled by passion.  Shifting my business focus to helping people succeed at their own online businesses through mentoring did fulfill my passion.

                   Burning desire = passion!  So I had identified my burning desire!

My next move was to determine what I needed to do to have the passion fulfilled.  It turned out that I needed to switch company affiliations to one that had a focus on helping others achieve success as well as an excellent product.  Then, I needed to learn a whole different set of skills.  But having identified my passion provided me with the focus to set myself a learning schedule.

The learning will never cease as I plan to grow even more.  But it is so much easier since I took the time to identify my passion over 5 years ago and to work with it instead of against it.  Find and focus on your passion to succeed in what ever business will fuel your passion.