What is the fifth key area on selecting an online business?

In my previous posts on Nov 9th, Nov 10th, Nov11th, Nov 14th, Nov 16th,   I outlined the 5 keys to consider and research before selecting an online business this will be part six of a 6 part series.

The fifth area to consider is: What are the Products?

What are they?

  • Tangible items?  Are the products a durable product or an expendable/consumable product.  An example would be furniture vs a vitamin drink or computer paper.  One is durable one is consumable.
  • Virtual Items?  E-books and some videos as well as online training and webinars would be examples of this.
  • Services? Membership to give discounts on specific service.  The service marketed could be the agency that actually performs the service for each customer.
  • The product may be a blend of any of the above.

The question you should ask yourself “how do I feel about the product?” 

  • If you are a very modest, private person selling male enhancement prescriptions would not be a good fit, nor would selling personal vibrator products or sexy underwear.  But that is obvious.
  • Other areas are much more subtle.  If being a representative of that product fills you with good feelings of being proud to stand out as a representative of the company or the product consider it.
  • If the product has a very limited market, consider your goals.   Can you reach your goals with a limited market item?
  • Are you proud to use the product yourself and would you recommend it to your Mom or Grandma?

If you don’t like the product yourself or if the product makes you uncomfortable in any way pick another product or company to represent.  Your customer will sense that you are not genuine and will not trust you.  No trust, no customers, no sales.

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