4th Trend: Baby Boomers Can’t Afford to Retire.

Recently I shared with you information from Jay Kubassek information about 4 global trends happening right now that are poised to help you create an Internet Lifestyle.Today I will continue sharing information from him and talk about the fourth trend…

4 million Baby Boomers a year are turning 50 and they will not be able to afford to

That’s a pretty scary statistic, isn’t it?

One can easily see a “boom” in 1946, when births went from 2.8 to 3.4 million. The end of the boom is not as clear, however. Perhaps that delineation was marked when annual births dropped below 4 million (1964).

“Every 7 Seconds” another Baby Boomer turns 50 – every 7 seconds.

Whew! Is that possible? Well, you don’t have to be a math major to check it out.

Let’s look at 50 years ago – 1959 – when 4,097,000 Boomers were born. Now, I suppose that some of them have not made it this far, so let’s round it down to 4,000,000. (That’s just my estimate, but it is close enough for my purposes here.)

So, a bit more than 4,000,000 will turn 50 in 2012 with over 20 million turning 50 over
the last five years alone.

Let’s see how that breaks down:
-per year: 4,000,000
-per day (4.0 mil / 365): 10,958
-per hour (10.6 k / 24): 456
-per minute (456 / 60): 7.1
– And 7.1 per minute amounts to one every 8.5 seconds.

If you use 1957 as your base number, when 4,300,000 million boomers were born, that’s
a heck of a number!

During the Baby Boomer years, 1946-1964 (inclusive), 75.8 million Americans were born. The ratio of males to females has stayed relatively constant.

There were approximately 1.05 male births for every one female birth.

The middle class and baby boomers are beginning to realize that corporations and governments will not be here to save them in the end.

If you are like most people, you are likely already affected by one, two, or even three
of these massive converging trends. At a minimum, you likely know someone who is

People cannot afford to retire. In March 2012 Canada increased the age of retirement
to 67.

Now… The good news.

These 4 trends are actually working toward a 5th, ‘Perfect Storm’ kind of trend.

One that you can capitalize on in the very near future.

More on that later!

Believe me, the future isn’t so bleak…

Info from Jay Kubassek shared with you by  Dr Jill, Senior Marketing Consultant