What is the first key area on selecting an online business?

In my last post on Nov 9th,  I outlined the 5 keys to consider and research before selecting an online business this will be a follow-up post to that one.

The first area to consider is The Marketing System:

The first key area to consider is The Marketing System:

How do you get customers?

  • Do you purchase “leads lists” then email them, phone them or do mailings?
  • Do you pick names/addresses/phone numbers from a phone book?  Do you talk to “everyone you meet”.
  • Is there an email responder program set up in the system or do you have to invent your own?
  • Is the system based on Go get ‘em tiger – go forth and find them and sell them?

When I first started I had some technical challenges so I understand if you do.  So, a program with an auto-responder in place can be very helpful.

Most persons love to purchase things but hate being sold.  Is the system based on selling products and opportunity.  Or does the system  provide services freely that attract people to you, your product and your company?

I enjoy helping people meet their needs, so giving away some information and offering a hand up fits well with me.  So I prefer the marketing system that brings interested people to me rather than me beating the bushes for customers. How about you?