Quitting Smoking Is Achievable When You Know What To Do

Quitting Smoking Is Achievable When You Know What To Do

smoking and ashtray lungs imagesBeing a smoker can impose some awkward demands on your life. Your life will likely be interrupted by having to exit the building to smoke, and you can feel a bit off if you do not have your smoking products with you at all times. If you’ve finally had enough of smoking, and want to quit, read on. The following article contains a lot of helpful techniques you can use when trying to kick the habit.

Workout every day. Right after you quit smoking, your lung capacity starts to improve. This makes exercising easier than it used to be. Getting some regular exercise can also help you to avoid the age-old complication of weight gain. Furthermore, exercise causes your body to produce endorphins, which can give you a natural high. Although the high won’t be as good as a nicotine high, it will help you to cope with cigarette withdrawal.

yoga meditation at sunset imagesSmoking may have previously provided you with a form of stress relief. Find other techniques you can use to relax when you feel stressed. Meditation, yoga and deep breathing techniques are all a great way to help relieve stress and stay smoke-free.

Exercise can replace smoking. Not only does a work out release endorphins, which improves your mood, but it is also an excellent way to take your mind off your cravings. You can also avoid the typical weight gain that comes with the slower metabolism that is associated with quitting by stepping up your exercise.

talk with your doctor imagesMake sure that you speak with a medical professional about different ways to stop smoking. There have been many advances in the area of smoking cessation. There are many options in this area, including nicotine substitutes and anti-withdrawal medications. These options include, pills, patches and inhalers.  The pills are usually geared to make you less stressed when quitting. With nicotine patches the nicotine level is at a constant level in your body.  With the nicotine inhalers the nicotine levels rises and falls in a pattern more like what happens when you smoke.  The lozenges also mimic the rise and fall of nicotine levels like smoking.  There is the newer product called the electronic cigarette that many find effective.  Talk with your doctor and ask what he or she recommends as all assists can work but some have side effects.  With any smoking cessation program being active and getting into a buddy system or other support system increases your success potential.

fruits veggies and nuts imagesWhile you are in the process of quitting smoking, consume vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. Eating low calorie and healthy foods helps in quitting smoking for several reasons. You can help replace the comforting motions associated with smoking by having something you can do to keep your mouth and hands occupied. Consuming these foods on a regular basis will also help keep you from gaining weight. Getting the right vitamins and nutrients will help you to feel much better while you are going through withdrawal.

If you have become tired of having the urge to smoke, you are already halfway towards quitting! What you just read will assist you in getting rid of cigarettes forever. Use the methods you have just read to make smoking a habit of your past.

The Very Best Ways To Strengthen Your Memory

The Very Best Ways To Strengthen Your Memory

brain imagesMemory loss is really not as bad as you might think. Contrary to popular belief, there are a variety of treatment options available. Be patient and willing to make efforts to train your memory and you will solve your memory loss problem.

One exercise that will help you remember better is to write things down. Writing things out can stimulate the brain, and bring blood to critical areas that are responsible for memory. Simply maintaining a diary, or compiling detailed logs can help improve your memory, and enable you to recall information when you need it.

memory stages of imagesIf you have lots of information you must memorize, you should aim to study this information at many different places. This prevents you from associating the information with one particular setting, which helps to instill it more deeply within you. Simply put, learning things in different locations makes it much easier for your brain to convert information into long-term memories.

Memory games can really improve your memory if you play them regularly. Some of the memory games available are a lot of fun to play, and they will enhance your memory skills no end. Such exercises sharpen concentration as well as memory. There are a lot of games you can find and play online.

memory card game imagesMany people find that visualization techniques make it easier to remember key pieces of information. When faced with memorizing information from books, find ones that utilize images or charts. You can also draw your own charts or graphs to help aid in the memory process.

To improve mental performance and retention, eat brain food. Brain health needs healthy fats. Get plenty of these healthy fats by eating foods such as fish and walnuts and using flax seed oil and olive oil instead of trans fat.

Your environment plays a key role!  Fresh air not polluted air is a must.  Our bodies and our brains require oxygen.  When we do not get enough oxygen the body will reduce oxygenated blood flow to the brain so the heart and lungs can receive the nutrients.  Fewer nutrients in the brain less brain power.  So get your exercise in fresh air or well filtered air, stay inside on high pollution days.

socializing dancing imagesForming and cultivating relationships with others will reduce the likelihood of your memory slipping later in life. Isolation does not help to focus memory, it actually makes it worse as the brain has no stimulation – TV is no substitute for people! Studies have shown spending time with friends and family will help to keep your brain active.

Daily doses of fish oil are believed by some to be helpful in improving and maintaining cognitive function. It has been shown in studies that Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which are found in the oil of fish, could help enhance your memory. Getting the right dosage is important, so consult you doctor prior to taking this supplement.

This is unavoidable and a normal part of life but life interference can be reduced. Rather, do some research, and apply the tips you find, especially from the article you just read, and you should be able to live in more comfort with the memory loss.

Tips For Daily Success In Network Marketing

Tips For Daily Success In Network Marketing

Yes, with a little knowledge, you’ll see that network marketing is not that hard. This article can help you reach the goals in your network marketing plan.

Be someone who is revered in network marketing. Brainstorm and come up with new ideas for your company. The right approach can not only generate tons of business, but also cause your competition to try to imitate you. Do your own thing and never try to be like anyone else.

Make a business plan that allows for stability and flexibility in unforeseen events. Be realistic about how much work is needed in order to succeed, then consider how much work you think you will actually be able to do yourself. Creating a business plan is all about creating a harmony between these two numbers, and using that to create profits.

To really be a leader in the network marketing field, you need to have the desire to help other people with their success. When you feel secure enough in your business to start helping customers and other marketers, your profits will start to rise. This is no coincidence.

When you are network marketing, have the mindset that you are helping people, not just selling them something. Focus on how you can help solve someone’s issues instead of focusing on a product’s greatness. Such tactics will make potential customers more interested in the products or services being offered.

Always remember, your time is valuable. While working online it is easy to become distracted with something else. Make a schedule and stick to it!

Part of your decision on whether to join a specific network marketing program should be based on their compensation systems. You should focus on higher overall returns, and getting income from multiple sources. Additionally, you will refer your initial sales over to the person who sponsored you. This is actually a good thing because it gives you leverage, and your sponsor should be helpful to you.

When you venture into network marketing, the most effective thing that you can do is set your mind on success. It is no different than any other business. Treat it like one, even if you do not have an office or a brick-and-mortar store. Unless you regard your business with seriousness, it will never succeed.

Read about and learn from others who are successful in the industry. Using their businesses to model yours after can save you from pitfalls and mistakes that have already been made.

Investigate a company with the BBB before you give any money to a marketing business. There are a lot of good companies, but there are a lot of bad ones, too. Prior to jumping in, be sure that the investment you are making is wise. If you have concerns that the business you are considering investing in is on the up-and-up, you can contact someone at your local Better Business Bureau for more information.

You should focus on saving a good bit of money in case you have a serious emergency; think about nine times what you spend every month. Network marketing can provide that money and more!

Celebrate your successes, and learn from your failures. Do not let an error pass without noting it and figuring out what happened. Understanding your mistakes can help you to avoid making them again in the future, and helps you narrow your focus on what does work.

The most important thing you can do in network marketing is to remember that it is a business, and it should be treated like one. If you are trying to get rich only putting in a couple of hours a week, it will never happen. You will need to work hard to be successful with network marketing. Set a schedule, and dedicate time to making a serious effort each day. If you can do this, you will eventually see success from your network marketing efforts.

Make social networking part of your affiliate marketing plan. Develop relationships with customers based on different target interests. Give every product its own page on social networking sites like Facebook.

If you’ve made the decision to start a network marketing endeavor, you must think about who you are partnering with and what kind of compensation they have offered you. Being aware of the compensation that is included in your agreement will help you figure out if it is worth the time you are investing or if you should look into other opportunities.

To be in the lead with your marketing strategy, let value be foremost. In the beginning, make it clear what you have to offer and how it can help. You need to look out for yourself if you want to earn money. Remember that others are also doing the same as you. What kind of things are you able to do for them? In what way can you improve the quality of life for your prospective customers? Make that the focus of your sales efforts. Grab their attention and keep it.

It is hoped, that your confidence is higher regarding network marketing having now read this helpful guide of tips and techniques. Know that if you have the knowledge on how to do these things, it will be easier to do them and that should breed some success.

Easy Breathing Techniques When You’re Dealing With Asthma

Easy Breathing Techniques When You’re Dealing With Asthma

asthma airway imagesAsthma is a condition that can make life harder to live. With medication and coping strategies, however, you can live a full, healthy life, despite your asthma. Read this article for some great tips to help you cope with asthma.

One of the most important things that you can do to prevent asthma attacks is to identify your triggers. Think about maintaining a journal or diary that you can review for recurring situations that led to an attack. These situations can help you detect your triggers. You can then pass this information on to your doctor. By identifying the causes of your asthma symptoms, you can then work to eliminate these triggers from your life completely.

If you’ve got a child under 5 with asthma, take special note of symptoms of asthma that would require professional emergency treatment. Asthma symptoms include: air gasping, sucking in your stomach when you are trying to take a breathe, and a hard time talking because you cannot get enough air. These symptoms, even one of them, could indicate an urgent need for medical care.

asthma kid inhaler imagesIf you have asthma and use your rescue inhaler often, as in more than one or two times a week, or you wake up in the night from an asthma attack more than twice a week, you might need different asthma medication. Ask your doctor.

If you or someone in your family is experiencing asthma, it is important to allow fresh air to enter your home. Ventilate your home by opening doors or windows. Homes that are insulated contain twice as many allergen levels as homes that are ventilated well. If you ventilate your home it’s easy to get clean air.

no smoking imagesIt is crucial that you stay away from all types of cigarette smoke if you suffer from asthma. Never smoke yourself! Never breathe in chemical fumes or vapors. A severe asthma attack can be life threatening. If you see people smoking in your vicinity, you should get away from them as soon as possible.

Properly use the inhaler every time you must use it. Find a relaxing spot, and be sure that you follow the directions that the manufacturer provided. The inhaler only helps if the medication reaches your lungs. Inhale air while spraying the necessary amount of medication into your mouth. Continue holding your breath for approximately 10 seconds. This way, the medication will soak into the cells of your lungs.

asthma-kidsAgain, asthma isn’t to be taken lightly. If you ignore your symptoms, you could end up in the hospital or even die. Always carry an inhaler for emergencies and avoid allergens or excessive air pollution. Take the tips you have read here and apply them to your own condition so you can conquer your asthma, and prevent it from diminishing your freedom.

Ripplin Have You Heard???

Riplin is the new apps game in town – have you heard?

mobile marketing cell phone with floating aps iimagesWhen you have told friends about a good movie or a good restaurant were you rewarded for the referral?       NO, Of course NOT.

Were you rewarded for referring your friends to a social site or to a specific product’s site or to a marketer’s web site?     Probably not!

Should you have been rewarded – Definitely!

water drop splash 404662_389526774453532_1136993383_nThere is a new sharing apps game, Rippln, that will reward you for sharing information – like dropping a pebble into water ripples grow. [Rippln is only 6 days old and not formally launched and has over 86,000 members playing.]

To join is free, but since the full program has not yet been launched it is by invitation only.  If interested email me and I will send you an invite by email where you can view the intro video to learn more.

mobile marketing cell phone with money coming out images


All you need to participate is a computer or smart phone or iPad.

Techniques For Starting A Successful Video Marketing Campaign

Techniques For Starting A Successful  Video Marketing Campaign

It is rough out there in the business world, especially if you have an online business. You want help from all kinds of sources, so don’t overlooking video marketing. This article offers creative solutions for video marketing campaigns.

After you have read the comments and looked at the statistics of your video, begin making more of them. Try to get better and better with every video you produce. Create more targeted content, use a higher grade of equipment, learn professional production techniques and turn out one great video after another for your own video marketing campaign.

Demonstration videos are great promos for your product. When someone is interested in your product, having the opportunity to see it put to use and learning about its attributes can seal the deal. Your videos can also help people who already own your products but are unsure of how to use them.

Brief videos work better than longer ones. Your videos should not last for more than a couple of minutes or you will lose your viewers. Five minutes is probably okay as well, but do not make it any longer than that. “Keep it simple, stupid” is the way to go for your video marketing.

“Continued later…” is a great tool for online videos. It’s a good way to get repeat visitors to your site. Join your videos together in a series of how-tos that can build into a collection of related information on specific subjects, like remodeling your house, room by room.

Don’t forget to share, share, share that video. Send it by email to people you know. Create a blog post that describes the video on your website. Send a link to your customers via email or snail mail. Put it on social media sites and video hosting sites. Get the word out that you have video marketing information to share!

Focus on a certain topic and choose a descriptive title filled with keywords. The best titles will bring in new viewers for your video marketing. The title is one of the most important factors, and without a proper title, the viewers won’t know what to expect. Take the time to think of creative and relevant titles for successful video marketing.

Keep those videos coming. Don’t pause after only one video. Bring clients to your site by regularly creating videos. You may even choose to make a series of videos. In each video of the series, focus on some different business aspect so that in the end, your customers will possess a much better understanding on how your business operates.

Make the videos you’re working on as positive as possible. It is easier to get involved and connect with the content if it makes you feel good about life and people, in general. Make sure each video ends on a positive note. A little flattery goes a long way, and it need not be over the top. For example, you can allude to your viewers’ strong work ethic, parenting abilities or sense of honor.

If you want to use YouTube for your videos you need to use the editing they have available. For example, it’s possible to add annotations onto your videos. You can share links, give more details about your product or even provide a coupon code in YouTube video marketing.

Stories appeal to everyone! Do you have some stories to tell about the products you offer? You can create videos about events you’ve attended recently, from preparation to completion. It is also a great idea to have product endorsements and referrals from your customers about your business if possible.

Stay on your toes and always be the early bird. Therefore, it’s vital that you respond first to a newsworthy event. This is a great way to get more views. If your video content is effective, this can also lead to gaining new customers. So keep your eyes open for hot news, and get to it ASAP.

When you do video marketing, begin with a pleasant greeting. Let them know who you are and what your business stands for before the video begins. When ending your videos, give a friendly reminder to viewers of who you are and what the name of your business is.

A video isn’t going to go all viral on YouTube by itself. It is up to you to use social networking and any others channels you have to promote it. You have to let people know it exists for them to be able to view it, of course!

You should consider using a “how-to” video to promote your business. Be certain it’s a full video that has lots of relevant material. There is nothing more annoying than a video that requires a purchase before releasing how-to information. People will use your company if you are open and honest and share relevant content with them.

There are lots of ways to implement video marketing. You have the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert while reaching a larger audience. Approach your campaign with a sense of urgency, but be sure to put together a cogent plan to get started. Your business will reap all of the rewards.

Simple Tips To Care For Your Skin!

love skin imagesSimple Tips To Care For Your Skin!

There are many products that you can choose from to get healthy skin, which could lead to confusion. A better looking complexion is an article away. Try reading over the following guidelines if you want to have beautiful skin.

Be mindful not to damage the skin when shaving. Use a gel, which will help reduce the chances of scrapes and cuts. Make sure to shave in the same direction as your hair growth. If you don’t stick to this type of skincare routine, then essential skin oils will get removed and you end up with dry and damaged skin.

Don’t use too much force when exfoliating your skin. This can cause irritation and damage to your skin. If you desire a deeper clean, just exfoliate longer. This will get into your pores even more, without the harmful side effects.

glass of water pouring in imagesDrink lots of water, daily. Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin moist. By staying hydrated you can counter the damaging effects of sun and pollution. You will end up with a much better appearance and healthier skin.

If you tend to get cold sores, avoid touching and picking them. This will make it harder for them to heal and also can introduce the sore to bacteria, which causes infections. Cold sores can yield scars if you do not take care of them properly.

Becoming immersed in an enjoyable hobby is a surprising way to take better care of your skin. Stressful situations cause skin breakouts; finding the time to do something that you enjoy will help you relax, increase the flow of oxygen to your brain and keep blemishes from appearing on your face.

two spoons imagesYou can either place two spoons in the freezer or in ice. Place the spoon backs on each eyelid for roughly six or eight minutes. This ends eye puffiness. Puffy eyes are caused by many different things, including a poor diet, lack of sleep, allergies and even heredity. When all else fails, you may find cold, metal spoons to be helpful.

Someone with sun-damaged skin on their face has several options to reduce aging signs. Some include laser abrasion, chemical peels, and dermabrasion. These procedures can be used alone or combined with other procedures. There are nonsurgical methods that work as well, such as facials using alpha hydroxyl acids and vitamin C.

facial brush imagesGently exfoliate your skin with a natural bristle brush before bathing for great looking skin. This gets rid of old skin cells to revel smoother ones, boost circulation, and decrease pimple-induced inflammation. Exfoliation also aids your skin in removing toxins from your body, which can improve the clarity and quality of your skin.

If at all possible, cut down of the consumption of alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol causes your face to flush and your skin’s capillaries to dilate. Alcohol can also contribute to existing problems like acne rosacea. Since it depletes your body of anti-oxidant rich vitamin A, your skin will look older if you drink a lot as well.

greens imagesImprove your skin via diet by consuming more foods with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is full of antioxidants and it will rid you of many free radicals. Papaya and blueberries are a great source of vitamin E. Greens that are dark and leafy contain this nutrient as well.

These tips will help give you the motivation that you need to achieve the look you desire. Today is the perfect time to begin a different skin care regimen.

Reduce Anxiety With These Five Simple Steps

Reduce Anxiety With These Five Simple Steps

anxious smiley face imagesPeople today are having more problems than ever with anxiety. This is because the world is rapidly evolving and life is just becoming harder and harder. Feelings of being overwhelmed are normal, but anxiety attacks do not have to be. There are many helpful tips that can make anxiety attacks a thing of the past.

You need to follow your doctor’s advice and communicate freely with them as you are being treated. It is up to your physician to give you a treatment plan, but it is up to you to let them know how you are progressing. It is impossible for a doctor to know what you are feeling and thinking if you fail to advise them regularly.

cupping eyesRub your two hands together for almost 30 seconds, then put them over both of your eyes to provoke feelings of relaxation. This simple calming technique is used by a lot of people who have to endure anxiety on an almost daily basis. If you have a sudden, unexpected anxiety attack, try this technique.

If you are just sitting around your house doing nothing, you will feel anxious. Try finding ways to occupy yourself instead, and give your mind something to think about other than your problems. You can reduce your anxieties significantly if you make a habit of practicing a hobby or doing some other sort of constructive, creative work.

If you feel a therapist is required, do it. Sometimes people become overwhelmed with anxiety because they have no one to talk to about their problems, and they feel like they don’t want to burden their friends and family with their problems. Speaking with a therapist can help eliminate the anxiety.

exercise stretch imagesTo ensure that anxiety is not getting you down, get sufficient exercise every day to calm your nerves. Physical activity is known to produce endorphins, which will make you happy and divert your mind from the issues that are causing you stress. Furthermore, exercise is good for your overall health.

Make sure you get the proper hydration each and every day. Eating well will also help in this case. A body that is malnourished or dehydrated is more likely to suffer from anxiety. Ensure that you are eating at least three proper meals a day and drinking adequate amounts of water.

The number one thing you need to do is find what triggers your anxiety. Make an effort to understand what the root of your anxiety is and give it a name. Putting a name on your triggers makes you more aware of them, giving you greater control over your anxiety levels.

meditation pose imagesAs soon as you wake up each morning, you should take some time to tell yourself some positive affirmations. Voice what you wish to accomplish that day and how you want to spend it. Then, do everything you can to ensure your day goes how you intend it to.  Many people find that morning meditation is beneficial to stay in a calm and positive frame of mind.

This article should be instrumental in helping you understand how you can control anxiety. Apply the knowledge that you learned and be sure to share it with a friend or two who might be feeling anxious as well. If you help others, as well as yourself, then this article will benefit many people.

Internet Marketing – How To Rise Above The Competition Online

Internet Marketing – How To Rise Above The Competition Online

Not surprising to most, but Internet marketing is tough work. It is true, hard work is what will make your site very profitable. It’s pointless to work hard, only to fail. The following article offers tips and techniques on internet marketing.

If your business has a successful marketing plan, you are probably aware of which specific products and services consistently generate the most profit. Using these profitable products can help you convince consumers to buy other products you market. When a customer buys one product, always recommend a related product or accessory. This way, you will spend less on advertising these newer products, because they are riding on the coattails of your already popular items in your internet marketing campaigns.

An important tip to consider when it comes to Internet marketing is to follow the saying that tells you to never put all of your eggs into one basket. The reason this is particularly important in online business is that the stream of income you can generate is likely to be very uneven for quite a while after you start. Make sure you keep a consistent source of regular income until you see success sprouting up.

If you intend for it to be a internet marketing tool, your website has to meet your customers’ needs. Simply providing a single-page site that provides your business hours and your address will not bring in customers. Post reviews of your products and write articles to keep your readers interested and establish your business as a reference.

One way to market online is to encourage visitors to buy by using discount prices. Place the discounted price right next to the product’s original price. For example, you might include a tagline that reads, “Take advantage of this limited time offer for a price of $75. You would otherwise pay as much as $100!”

Promotional initiatives of limited duration can be a great way to gain better page rankings for your website. You will end up essentially buying a better PageRank, as other sites, such as deal collection sites and consumer watch sites, will link back to you. This is the same concept as a company selling an item at a loss, with the expectation that it will turn into a profitable situation at a later time.

Try and create an emotional bond between your customers and your site through marketing materials. Encourage the reader to imagine how his or her life would be easier or better as a direct result of using your product. The customer should be able to imagine the benefits just by reading about the product in your internet marketing content.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a consultant for your marketing business as there are many resources available online to help you decide on your marketing approach. Internet marketing communities and online business communities and marketing blogs are valuable online tools, and many programs offer business development seminars to help local business owners improve their operations.

Whenever possible, avoid using AJAX and Flash on your website. Although it can help appearances on your site, it has no positive impact when it comes to increasing your search engine results. Only use Flash sparingly. Be sure to add plenty of navigation links and keywords to the pages the use Flash.

Look around to discover who your target audience is, and what sorts of things they respond well to. When you have a firm grasp of who you want visiting your site and what they are likely to expect, it will be a snap to develop enticing, highly-appreciated content for your internet marketing program.

Offering several different payment options for customers will lead to more sales. While it may seem fine to only offer credit cards for a payment method, you should also let people pay via online payments like PayPal and their own bank accounts.

If you want people to really be compelled to visit your site, you might want to think about offering them free items. This is great internet marketing strategy t since you can bundle the course along with a complimentary product which will attract customers to purchase. You can use your ad campaign to detail your customers about the contest.

While following what your competitors do is important, it is even more important that your own internet marketing be memorable and unique. The search engines have gotten much better at identifying duplicate content, and even if you find that copying from others works for a little while, it can be devastating in the long run. Learn to come up with new ideas.

Build an email list as a pertinent resource. Have a place on your site where people can sign up for your email service. You can utilize all of this later to e-mail sales information, ask for feedback or give out promotional items.

This article should let you know it is vital to put your best effort into Internet marketing to make more money. By using this advice, your hard work will be worth it.

Learn How To Start Juicing – For Healthy Nutrition

Learn How To Start Juicing – For Healthy Nutrition

juicer imagesJuicing is an amazingly fast and delicious method of getting major amounts of nutrients into your system. The following article will introduce you to some helpful tips and tricks to begin incorporating juicing into your routine and reaping its many healthy and convenient benefits.

For extra flavor, try adding ginger to your vegetable juices. Ginger adds a zesty, unique flavor to juices. Ginger also will help to lower blood pressure, reduce the development of atherosclerosis and benefit your heart in a few other ways.

Have you found yourself in a flavor rut with your smoothies? Head to either a website or an old-style bookstore and either buy or download some nice recipes. Since it can get boring to have the same drink everyday, switch up your recipes.

peach pit imagesIf you can throw whole fruits in your juicer but, do not forget to take out the pits from certain fruits before juicing them. If you forget, you may damage your juicer and face hefty repair or replacement costs. You should also cut apples to remove their seeds, since apple seeds contain cyanide.

Juice the whole fruit, including peels or skin. If you remove the skin of your fruits, you will lose a lot of nutrients, fibers and antioxidants. As a matter of fact, in some fruits like the apple, the peel has more flavonoids than the fruit itself. Exceptions to this include citrus fruits such as oranges or grapefruits, as their peels should not be juiced. The peel of citrus fruits are very bitter, not to mention that they may contain harmful substances. Some citrus fruits are also sprayed with pesticides, so avoid these.

lemon cut imagesAlthough freshly prepared juice has the most nutrients, some prefer to juice in quantity.  Many people want to stockpile juice in the refrigerator, but be sure you guard against pigment changes. Most people find juice that has turned to colors like grey or brown less than appetizing. To prevent the mix from turning brown, add a few teaspoons of lemon juice. The juice will stay bright longer. The lemon juice will help the juice retain its bright color, and it will not significantly alter the flavor.

green leafy veggies in collander imagesTo get the most nutrients out of your juice, use greens like chard, parsley, kale, spinach and broccoli. Use these vegetables often when juicing, with over a 50% concentration. Use other juices for flavoring. Fruit juices may taste sweeter, but compared to green veggies, they come at a steep price in sugar and calories, meaning they’re not as healthy.

They may be a bit bitter, so try mixing them with sweeter veggies and fruits, like carrots, berries, and citrus. A popular berry blend is cranberries, cherries, strawberries, and blueberries. You can make a juice that is pleasing to your palate.

juice carrot in glass imagesDiabetics or people with hypoglycemia should consult a doctor before attempting to juice sweet fruits. Fruits are naturally high in sugar, which can alter your blood glucose levels. You need to monitor the amount of fruit you juice so you can watch your medical needs. Vegetables, on the other hand, are a less risky option and are packed with nourishment.

Juicing is one of the easiest and most natural ways to boost your nutrition intake. If you use these great juicing ideas, you will be making great, healthy juices before you know it.