Step by Step Directions for the Perfect New Years Resolution.

The Perfect New Years Resolution to Enhance Business & Your Life.

The thing about New Years Resolutions is that they focus on the “should haves” and the “I need to do’s” that do not stir the soul enough to keep going all year long. Remember those that vow to loose weight, save money, stop smoking etc???

This year I have stumbled upon an idea for a New Years Resolution that is very easy and can enhance your business and your life!  It involves altering your focus on your lift.  I know sounds hard, but with this method it is easy to do.

Perfect New Years Resolution

Gratitude Jar 2013


Step by step directions for my Perfect New Years Resolution.

  • First get a quart or larger canning jar or a jar that spaghetti sauce has come in.  Wash it and the lid out and dry it thoroughly.
  • Second, keep an eye out for good things that happen to you or things that you are grateful for.
  • Third, write yourself a note about those things and put it in the jar.
  • Fourth,  keep up the focus on the good things and the gratitude and repeat step three all year.
  • Fifth, New Years Eve 2013 open the jar and review all the wonderful things that have happened all year.

Keeping yourself focused to note the good things and the things you are grateful for all year will keep you in a positive frame of mind.  You know what they say misery loves company – so don’t be in that crowd.  Be one who attracts joyful and fun happenings by being filled with gratitude.

The Spirit of Christmas Can Be The Secret to Business Success?

The Spirit of Christmas Can Be The Secret to Business Success?

To me the Spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Giving of Sharing of Helping.  Most people feel that Business Success is in a “healthy” bottom-line of sales.  But the business person who focuses on cute jingles and advertising to make his bottom line healthy is missing the boat.

Folks do enjoy buying things, but do not enjoy being sold.  I don’t know about you, but I would much rather make my purchases from a friendly and helpful sales person than the grumpus who is just there to get a paycheck.

A business that has nothing but buy – buy – buy mentality tends to treat potential customers as just a dollar sign coming through the door.  Those are the businesses that “just had to open up Thanksgiving Evening” taking employees away from their families for the purpose of pumping up the corporate coffers.  These businesses don’t get it that the consumer only has so many dollars to spend and their being open on a Holiday won’t make the consumer spend more.

On the other hand the businesses that put the Spirit of Christmas first – not just at Christmas but all year long are more likely to garner your business.  These businesses give information, coupons, discounts all year long not just during the Christmas “sales push”.

Online marketers who follow this plan are most likely to publish informational blogs, do free “how to” videos and e-books.  All done without a purchase requirement do manage to garner friends along the way.  People are more likely to consider making a purchase from a friend – someone who has given assistance and gained respect from their past behaviors.

So my advise to all is to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts all year long.  We will gain friends, get a good feeling from being of service and as a by-product have a successful business.  With a successful business we will have the opportunity to get more involved in Community Action.



Merry Christmas now and ALL year long.

Make A Social Media Marketing Spalash Through These Great Ideas.

Make A Social Media Marketing Splash Through These Great Ideas

Social media marketingMarketing via social media is one of the newest ways to increase internet exposure. While navigating the world of social media can be intimidating to the uninitiated, anyone who is willing to explore all it has to offer will find it less frightening. Read carefully the information in this article.

Be an active member of social communities and post often. The keyword here is “social”. Interact with others and take advantage of the public exchange of information. This kind of strategy can increase your visibility and reputation in your niche and is fairly easy to do. The opportunities for networking are endless.

In your website content, mention your social media efforts. For example, when you arrive at a milestone, like signing up your 1000th Twitter follower, you can write about it. Be certain to express gratitude towards those that pay attention to your efforts, and be open about discussing your social media experiences. The popularity of this type of information may astound you.

Keep political or personal information off your business social media page. Although you may want to show some personality in your posts, revealing this type of information can be seen as unprofessional. As a result, your readers may become turned off by you. Stay committed to your niche topic, but try to remain conversational.

Give people a reason to access and promote information from your site. Make sure you put a humorous side to your posts, and be sure to avoid technical terms. Try your best to cater towards all audiences that you are going to come across; write in a manner that they will understand.

Mention celebrities or influential people in your field when tweeting by using the “@” symbol. You can also get their attention by retweeting their tweets. Your tweet will be highlighted for them, and they’ll be likely to retweet it to their followers or provide you with more information.

If your business has a Twitter presence, engage your followers and other members of the community regularly. If someone asks a question about your business or offers feedback, you should always respond quickly and respectfully. This will allow you to build a strong relationship with your potential customers. This will help you establish an individual identity so you will not be seen as some type of corporate entity.

Don’t let your Facebook page get stale by neglecting it – always add fun content on a regular basis. You can post helpful articles, useful external content, or fascinating YouTube videos. You have to find a good balance, so that you remain professional, too.

The incredible popularity of social network marketing is not an invitation to jump into this trend without thinking through your approach. This is the time you should utilize to learn about SMM, how to become known, target an audience, and construct some form of it offline. This kind of research and planning can help you succeed and step out ahead of your competitors.

If you’re keeping a blog for social media purposes, you have to make sure that it’s kept as active as possible. When you have new information and your visitors are expecting new content, they will often come by to see what you have up. Think of it like a magazine subscription. Be sure you stay consistent so that visitors want to come back.

Social Media Marketing contest and giveaways Holding a Facebook contest or give-away is a good way to increase traffic and interaction on your page. People often times jump at the opportunity to try and win something. If you run a contest, you can build enthusiasm for your site and brand. A contest may get people to talk about your latest product. This gets them and others interested in buying products.

When you use social media marketing, don’t just use one site. It is easier to reach a broader market by using several different outlets. It can help in so many other ways which offers lots of promotional tools that are different on each site.

When you open up a social site, the idea is to have a large following. Get a jump on this by inviting every single person you know to join you. This can increase the awareness for your business so that you can get on the map.

Social Media marketing word of moughYou are not going have a successful social media presence if people do not visit your pages or read any of your content. Creating quality, well written content that informs and interests your potential visitors is the most effective way to attract traffic. Try including headlines and sub-headlines that dazzle the reader and capture their eye.
After reading this article, you should be aware of how easy social media marketing can be. Social media sites can be used to advertise your business quickly and cheaply. You simply have to remember to put in the time and the effort necessary to achieve success. Using the tips you’ve learned here is a great way to get started.

Profitable Strategies for Affiliate Marketing.

Profitable Strategies for Affiliate Marketing.

Profitible Strategies for Affiliate MarketingStrategies for Advanced Affiliate Marketing to improve the online visibility of your company, consider developing affiliate advertising methods.  When you find a program that fits your own needs, you’ll usually be able to attract the most likely customer for your products.  Once you have a good start on your program, you can begin working on attracting larger audiences.  The information in this article outlines some of the most effective affiliate marketing strategies.  Using the tips in this article, you’ll discover many ways to market to your customers.

Email is an effective method for marketing your business.

  • During checkout, you should provide customers with an option to sign up for your mailing list.
  • If you are offering to sign them up on your email list, make it very easy for them to do so.
  • Just be sure to clarify the correct spelling of their name and email address. You should not fill their inbox with marketing emails.  This will make your customers unhappy.
  • Make sure you have a relevant reason each time you email your list.
  • Many software programs are available to make it easy to send out mass emails.
  • If you are offering special prices or other programs, send an email to your subscribers.  In the email, include an easy way to get more information, such as links to related content.
  • Advertise your email list as a way to have access to special offers.  Send thank you notes to your customers.

If you understand your clients’ needs, you can position your marketing to fit them better.   An example of this would be the younger crowd and how much they use social media networking.

Another thing that you can do is to look at what your competitors are doing.  Once you do this, you’ll know what you’re up against.

Using customer surveys is another way to ensure that your marketing is effective.  Customer surveys can help you make a determination about strategies that might not be appropriate to your audience.

Affiliate marketing requires you to constantly change your strategy while keeping in mind what your customers are looking for.   Your first priority is to develop a solid base. However, when this is in place, take the time to listen to what your clients have to say. Consider their suggestions, implement changes that will please them and always let them know you are listening to what they have to say. 

All of these tips will please your existing customers, while attracting new ones as well.