Get Your Story Told With Dr Jill.

Dr Jill has expanded her services with a new project to help budding and experienced authors see their works published and share their stories.

Being true to following my passion of  helping people I have recently expanded my online services.  I am  now a full fledged Kindle Publisher to help authors release the book that is burning inside them wanting to get out.

  • “We all have a story to tell, but until recently we were limited to actually telling the story, writing a blog and hoping someone found it or dealing with all the hassles and expense of a major publishing house.”
  • I did not feel that was right as it has excluded many authors from sharing their wonderful works.
  • So I explored alternate possibilities and has learned the ins and outs of electronic publishing.  I am now a Kindle Publisher ready and waiting to help authors get their stories out in this modern digital form.
  • I also discovered that the way books were published in the 18th and 19th Centuries is the most profitable way to publish today.
  • The reading public is delighted with stories in a series of small books or how to booklets now just as they were in the past.  It appears in our fast paced world we want focused information not extraneous information so the short book form is a hot seller.
  • Stories mesmerize and provide a break from the current situation.  The how to books help the reader figure out something tricky, just as if they had an expert on call. Travel tips booklets can help others have a more pleasant travel experience – you get the idea a story that needs to be told.
  • Digital downloading gets the purchased information in the hands of the reader fast.  These short books and books in a series are also less daunting for the author – the person with a story to tell to create.

 The “Old Fashioned” short story and stories in a series is easier for the author and the reader when the creation is digital.  Dr Jill is interested in helping others get their stories told.

Focused/dedicated Blog or Not?

For the past few days I have been doing research on blogging in the hopes of increasing my following on my blog and my Empower Network Blog.   I came up with an amazing discovery.  The blogs like mine that are dedicated 90% to online work tips were not as well followed as the mixed messages blogs.  It appears that the dedicated blogs were ho-hum boring perceived by the average reader.   The blogs that were more of a hodge-podge of what I learned today, researched today, got into today etc were perceived by the reader to have been written by a more touchable and relate-able human being.  Here I thought that the focus would have appeal to folks looking for info on a specific topic.  I am going to follow the recommendations that I have found in my research and will increase the scope of my blogging.  So hang on to your hats – and join me in my scattered and fun informational gathering life.  Feed back on this approach is welcomed with delight.

Secrets of Online Marketing #4

Social Media is the focus of this in my series of posts about how I market on the internet so that you are not stuck with no prospects like you have been in the past.    So read on and learn some of my secrets learned from my experience working online.

Using Social Media is not just a good place to catch up on friends activities; it is a way to get your name spreading as an expert in your field.  Some sites to consider are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+.  There are some revisions to MySpace so it may regain popularity and be a viable exposure place again.

For any of the social media sites a few good things to know about your professional image.

  • Have a good professional head [be sure to smile] shot as your profile pix. you need to sell yourself so don’t frown.  Who trusts and will by from a frowney face?
  • Keep all info in profile  professional.  It’s ok to state your real hobbies as long as they are not too off the wall.  [Avoid personals like politics and religion unless your product is related to it.] You want to show you are a real person, but not a kook.
  • Use the find friends area in the Social Media area to meet new folks – join groups of interest to you that would have an overlap to be a potential prospect for your business.
  • Don’t spam these folks with your offer, just be friends.   Your offer can casually fit into conversation, or show up as one of your business posts don’t be pushey or salsey!  You’ll lose friends and perhaps your social media account!.
  • Do NOT post your offer under status!   In Facebook that information would go in your business fan page.  For others your business is listed in your profile.  Your offer can be hinted at: “Just found some new marketing info ask me about it.” If interested your friends/followers will ask you about it.
  • You will need 3-8 brief  posts of helpful tips or quotable quotes daily, in your status area.  These can be sent out to all friends – business and otherwise.
  • Keep the silly stuff to your close friends list posting only..
  • There is an exception to the don’t post business links!  It is fine to post to all groups you just had an Ezine article published  or a News Release Published or new blog post with title and link. This is tooting your horn in a nice way.

Facebook is a name that is familiar to most folks and is an excellent way to keep up with your friends as well as promoting your business.  Create a business Fan Page and keep a group of business friends separate from your social friends when you make posts.  That way your business friends won’t be burdened with all of your what’s happening in “my life now posts” and your friends won’t be swamped with “business info”..

Twitter has a character limit per post of 140 characters.  So for Twitter just post business quickie hints. If you have written articles from Ezine you will be on their mailing lists and they will email you business hints to retweet.  Twitter can post the links for your articles and news releases etc.  If you have included a pix with those articles, twitter will post the thumbnail and link.  Do keep separate lists of friends and business related for the same reason as above.

On Linked In and G+ and MySpace you can do posts similar to the ones on Facebook as they do not have the short character limit like Twitter. Remember to group your contacts just like listed above.  There are other pages such as Stumbledupon and Digg that are worth looking into to increase your visibility and credibility.

To learn more about using Social media for business promo without annoying others check out the information at:   To learn more about creating fan pages, capture pages, designing your own landing page, doing webinars  and marketing within Facebook check out:  [If this link shows that it is closed – please do get on the waiting list for it to open up again.  It will be worth the wait.]

So be sociable and make contacts in a friendly manner.