The Panic of Starting an Online Business Exposed!

The idea of working at home in your robe and slippers with coffee mug in hand sound like a Utopian Dream or Nightmare?  Ahhhh the joy of no alarm clock, no nasty boss, rush hour commute earning money from home = Dream Position — Is it for real though?

As with any business you need to have a product or concept to sell.  That may be the easiest part of the whole set up.

  • Then comes the teckie issues:

1.  Website design

2.  Banner design

3.  Landing page design

4.  Autoresponder program set up

5.  Designing a blog site.

6.  And the list goes on

  • Next  comes the stuff to get folks to look at your product pages.

1.  Key word research assists with planning your domain name and for promotion.

2.  Writing advertisements and getting them online

3.  Getting the banners you have designed posted on sites.

4.  Writing articles to get your name and your product known.

5.   Designing an email campaign to get people to your landing page.

6.   Designing list of emails for autoresponder follow-up of leads.

7.  And the list goes on and on..

  • Then the follow-up sales calls and emails etc……

1.  Writing scripts or outlines for what to say to folks and guide them through

your marketing funnel.

2.  Keeping track of who you called and their responses and needs.

  • Orientation of new purchasers to your product or program

This list is determined by your product or program so it will vary for each.

Head spinning yet?  It should be if you are not real computer savey or a newbie to marketing.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to shorten the “to do list”?  The answer is yes it would be very helpful to turn this nightmare into the Utopian Dream that I want.

The ideal marketing system has a fully developed marketing funnel that you can plug into.  This means what you do is advertise, promote the product and the marketing funnel does the rest of the work for you.

Hmmmm  Only one thing to learn then would be writing: the advertising writing/posting and article writing/posting [Driving people into the funnel].   The funnel has the website/landing page, banners to use, the autoresponders ready to plug into.  The system also has tutorials on effective writing as well as how to promote the product.  And if you have any questions the system comes with a personal one-on-one mentor as well as live webinar training where you can ask                                                                           questions real time.

I tried to figure out a system for myself and failed brilliantly – major flash in the pan type brilliant.  I then discovered ProU with all the bells and whistles to get a business rolling in as little as 30 days.



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Can Failure Be a Good Thing?

You have a goal something you really want and things don’t go right.  Then What?  Do you fold and give up your dreams or figure out how to regroup?

Fold up and “Host a Pity Me Party”? Not an option for me.

So how do we figure out how to regroup? Think on your end goal and your plan and the process you used to make your attempt.  Analyze it just as if you were watching a sports instant replay and answer these questions.  Don’t play the blame game or the “if only’s”!  Actually analyze the process – take the time it is worth it.

  • Is your end goal reasonable and attainable in the time frame you gave it?
  • Where did you start to notice a faltering in your path?
  • Was there a piece of information or training you were missing?
  • Were you sending yourself “failure” messages – setting yourself up for failure?

Perhaps your goal is very worthwhile to you and reasonable and attainable, but… 

  • You need more time than you allotted because you needed more information, tools, training to complete the task.
  • You were of the mind set of watering weeds as well as flowers in your mental garden?

Positive thought patterns of focusing on the end goal while working on the process of working the plan is the way to go.

Having a goal and failing and then regrouping is the same as a baby learning to walk.

  • How many times does the baby pull himself up on a piece of furniture or Dad’s pant leg and sit down quickly?
  • How many times does the baby take a step holding on to furniture letting go and plopping down quickly?
  • How many times does the baby topple over before walking to where he wants to go?
  • And, how many times does he stumble and fall before he can take off and run?
  • The answer to the above is: “As many times as needed to reach the goal of running.”

Take a lesson from the little ones in our lives.  Strive for our goal, fall, regroup, pick ourselves up and have another go. Like the baby striving to become a toddler keep going and focus on the process and learn from mistakes.

Always get up one more time than you fall and you will succeed.

For a home based online business system with tools and mentoring to get you where you want to go click here for a free video. 

“Use the losses and failures of the past as a reason for action, not inaction.” Charles J. Givens



Goals & Outcomes are Important, But, May be Irrelevant.

We have all heard that to attain success we need goals and a plan to get to those goals.  We focus on our outcomes and our desired end goal.  But is that all there is?

When I was working on my Masters of Science Degree in Counseling one-two courses a semester, some courses were mandatory and some were optional.  In fact I did not set a Goal of attaining a Masters Degree at all.  I went on with my education to pick up a couple of courses in Counseling to become a better Occupational Therapist. My Goal:  I was looking to be more well rounded and able to help my patients not just on the medical side as a neuro rehabilitation specialist, but help folks regroup their lives emotionally after their medical issue.

I had to take two entry courses and then I was able to take one of the two courses I had really wanted as an occupational therapist.  The next semester, I took the other.  But, what had happened during those first semesters was that I met and became friends with other students.  Some were just as excited to expand their skills as I was.  Those students would say “Have you taken such-and-such course by Dr So&so?”  When I said no they would launch into all the stuff they had gotten out of the course.  Curious – I signed up for that course next and so on and so on.

One of those courses that I took out of curiosity was Process Consulting.  It took two weeks into the course for my personal light bulb to go off and two more for me to convince the group I was assigned to that I was not crazy – nor was the professor.  He had a method to his apparent madness.

Our assignment was to come up with a project and get it done – we could hire him as consultant, but we had to direct his consulting.  No guidance on what project or what he could do in his role.  Not what any student expects from a professor at all.  My lightbulb moment came when I realized that it did not matter what the project was or if it was completed.  What mattered was the process we used to develop and utilize the plan of operation to do the project.  What an eye-opener!  The goal was irrelevant!

What most of us do is set a goal and focus ONLY on it.  Having a goal is not bad as a start, developing a plan to reach the goal is necessary.  But, if you do not observe/study the process [steps done & results] of working your plan you can not learn and grow from the experience.  How are the planned steps working?  Who is doing what? Is any action productive or non-productive in the plan?  And the most important one: What can I do to facilitate the plan or help to alter the plan so that it works.

I learned a lot from this unusual professor that I have been able to carry with me.  It was a focus point that kept me well grounded when completing that degree and the next as well as in all my work experience.  I value understanding and observing the process as a learning tool.  I  graduated with honors from the masters program by the accident of learning process.

I am working with ProU – marketing system, steps and plans all with the goal of me being very successful with online marketing.   When interacting with my marketing mentor I am focused on the process that I am going through in their excellent plan.  Attending to process has kept me flexible and focused.

The study of process is something anyone can learn if they keep their eyes, ears and minds open to possibilities.  How did that happen?  Process, process, process is how it happened.

People Creating an Internet Lifestyle.

Recently I shared with you information from Jay Kubassek information about 4 global trends happening right now that are poised to help you create an Internet Lifestyle and the 4 Steps to help you create an Internet Lifestyle for yourself.  Ready to meet a few of the folks that have taken these steps.  Will you be next?

In order to achieve success, you must have clear goals for your life, and be specific on the business model you choose. The more clear and focused you are, the quicker the results will come That’s why choosing a business system that has already been perfected is always your best choice.

Here are some examples of people creating an incredible Internet Lifestyle right now.

  • Amanda R from the UK joined PRO U Nov 2011 with a GEAR UP Marketing Mentorship. As a PRO U affiliate, she just earned $700 for selling a BASE Mentorship to someone visiting her blog on February 12, 2012.
  • Don O from Tucson, Arizona, joined PRO U in March 2011 and went with a BASE Mentorship. He decided to also enroll in GEAR UP Marketing Mentorship which recently paid off with a $2000 BASE sale in February.
  • GEAR UP Pro Affiliates Marjukka & Ulf From Sweden became PRO U resellers in April. On March 19, a visitor to their website purchased a PRO U BASE Mentorship, earning them a cool $448
  • .Robert A from Bethel Park, PA joined PRO in June of 2011. Robert chose SUMMIT Mentorship, and also enrolled as an affiliate. On Jan 12, 2012 he sold an ASCENT Mentorship earning him a cool $3198 commission.
  • February 28, 2012, one of Tom Q’s clients purchases a BASE and ASCENT Mentorship. With the Sales Assist Option, Justin Woolf, his Marketing Mentor, helped him earn over $3400 in commissions in one week.

 Another year is going to come and go regardless what you do…

are you ready to do something fun, rewarding, and new?

Are you ready to commit to earning the kind of money you want & deserve?


Info from Jay Kubassek shared with you by Dr Jill, Senior Marketing Consultant

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Persist Beyond Exception

Recently I shared with you information from Jay Kubassek information about 4 global trends happening right now that are poised to help you create an Internet Lifestyle. I have shared Jay Kubassek’s information on 3 Steps and am now sharing Step 4 about how to create an Internet Lifestyle for yourself.

A system is the only guarantee for financial freedom. Investors and business owners know what I’m saying. A true Internet entrepreneur who is living the good life doesn’t run a business anymore.

They have a system. A system will continue to generate income, irrespective of economic
states or weather changes.

Today’s best online businesses like ours here at ProU run 24/7/365 days a year on autopilot.

And, instead of relying on foot traffic or local demand to drive their business, they are able to do business worldwide by meeting their customers’ needs virtually and having their suppliers create, stock and drop ship the products directly to the customer’s door.

Ten years ago it was different… But recent technological advances have made people
perfectly comfortable buying online.

Online commerce continues to skyrocket. This new generation of entrepreneurs can
access global markets from the comfort of their home with little more than their laptop
and Internet connection – never actually touching the product themselves!

Outsource a handful of tasks to capable hands (freelance writers, developers, designers,
researchers, virtual assistants, etc.).

Focus on what you enjoy doing and build a strong foundation for a blissful Internet

If you believe in yourself, your system, and your worth, the only way to fail is to quit. You must have persistence beyond that of the 99% if you want to become one of the 1%.

Next blogs will show some examples…

Info from Jay Kubassek shared with you by Dr Jill, Senior Marketing Consultant