Warm Weather Outdoor Tip

I know I usually post business information, but the mosquitoes seem to be out and hungry early.  We all know by annoying experience that the little buggers make you itch and can carry disease.  Don’t be annoyed by stinging insects this summer and don’t worry about the chemicals either!  Since our skin is the largest organ in the body we need to be careful with it as ingredients in lotions are absorbed into the body.  There are several chemical free insect repellents.  Rub citronella geranium leaves or lemon grass on your skin.   Don’t like that smell?  Try mixing 1 part pure vanilla extract [not flavoring] with 1 part water – mix well and apply generously – you might make folks near you crave cupcakes but the bugs won’t sting.

1st of Four Global Trends – Economy & Employment

Recently I shared with you information from Jay Kubassek information about 4 global trends happening right now that are poised to help you create an Internet Lifestyle.

Today I will continue sharing information from him  and talk about the first trend…
The First Trend:

Massive long term shift towards buying online continues [15% Year-Over-Year-Increase in Online Spending]
Overall, 10 million people bought online on Cyber Monday, representing the first time
on record that threshold has been reached in a single day. The average online buyer
conducted 1.9 online transactions on Cyber Monday for a total of nearly
$125 in spending.

November 28, 2011 was a new record in online spending according to comscore.com, the
global leader in digital business analytics. In fact for the first time in 2011, there
were three consecutive days with over $1B in online spending. This is a whopping
year over year increase of 15%

ComScore.com, a leader in measuring the digital world, recently reported holiday season retail e-commerce spending for the 2011 holiday season, marking a 15-percent increase over 2010.

This includes November 28, (aka Cyber Monday,) which became the heaviest online spending day on record at $1.25 billion. Tuesday, November 29 reached $1.12 billion, while Wednesday, November 30 reached $1.03 billion.

These three billion dollar spending days currently rank as three of the four heaviest
online spending days in history.

The Result?

People are now perfectly comfortable buying their books, clothes, flowers, flights, and
everything in between online and there is no reason to believe this trend will slow down.

Online advertising projections, an indication of how much businesses are expected to spend is projected to increase 14.4 percent this year.

The trending info comes from eMarketer.com CEO Geoff Ramsey, a noted authority in the online space.

This surge of billions and billions of online spending being transferred from brick and
mortar stores to the net has created an incredible opportunity for online

More on the next trend next time.
Dr Jill – Senior Marketing Consulting for
Jay Kubassek | Founder ProU

“Failure is the path of least persistence”

My favorite quote – Interpreted.

“Failure is the path of least persistence” The concept behind this has real meaning for me in my educational pursuits as well as when I started my online business.

Failure obviously is the opposite of success.  But success has many definitions and degrees of success.  Something that initially looks like a set-back or failure may actually be a door that closed for a purpose to open another onto a new horizon.  But the traditional definition of failure is that crushing depressed prevailing mood of “I didn’t make it.”

Persistence is not just necessarily batting ones head against the same wall until the wall cracks.  Persistence is continuing through adversity towards your goals.  Having a goal, hitting a road block is a learning experience.  How do you face roadblocks? Depression, frustration, open attitude as to why and how?  Sometimes the roadblock is the lack of information – plan to get more info e.g. take a class or get a mentor.  Sometimes the roadblock is too much information so that you feel overwhelmed – plan to get a mentor to assist you in breaking things down into chewable bites so you can advance.

When I was going through Occupational Therapy education at University of Pittsburgh, I experienced both of these road blocks.  Seeking assistance, stating your goals and stating the specifics of blocks are excellent ways to get through to your desired degree.  But what if it is not quite so simple?  Finding a specific mentor someone you can look up to who has experience and success in a specific area is the most important.  Then work with this person to establish the plan and then it is up to YOU to execute it.  If you are not persistent in reaching your goal – any time you hit a road block you will be defeated and fail.

Look for mentors in anything you do and when you are moving up, look back and reach back to mentor someone else.  Be persistent and support other persistent folks.  That is why I became a Senior Marketing Consultant – I want to help others as I have been helped.

Get Real, Get Rich – Won’t Get Both?

I just received this information from Jay Kubassek’s Newsletter and wanted to share the information with you.
Lottery sales are booming. (And so are alcoholic beverage sales, but that’s a whole separate issue.) And why wouldn’t they be? The economy has tanked and the ship is still sinking. Unemployment is through the roof and is still rising. People are starting to panic.

Everybody is looking for the magic pill–maybe it’s a magic bullet, actually–to make their problems go away. They want to get rich quick, kick back, relax. No pain, no worries, everything will be fine. Well, if this is what you’re looking for, there are two old adages that apply. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. (A better way to say that is if it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a lie.) The second adage is no pain, no gain.

The fact is that nothing comes easy. There is no short cut to success–period. Hard work, dedication, and motivation are all common denominators for striking it rich. There is of course a lot more involved, but these are three prerequisites.

The bottom line is that if you want to get rich, you first need to get real.

The internet today is like California during the gold rush. Everybody wants to hit the mother lode, and everybody is staking a claim. But just like the prospector who has to sift though dirt to find a gold nugget, so too must the internet entrepreneur sift through hype to find a real opportunity.

The internet is a business tool, not a magic wand. A serious entrepreneur who wants to launch a serious business–and make serious money–can do so on the internet. But a desperate person seeking a quick fix for existing financial problems will simply create more financial problems. And lose a ton of cash in the process.

The principles of a successful business are pretty simple. Create or offer a great product or service. Find a hungry market. Get your message in front of the masses. Attract prospects and make sales. Deliver exceptional value. Get paid. Simple, yes; easy, no. Running any kind of legitimate business requires operational expertise, a financial investment–and a lot of hard work. A legitimate internet business is no different, for the most part at least.

There are however some differences, and important ones at that. Since you don’t need a storefront or an office, the capital investment is less than for a bricks-and-mortar enterprise. Commuting costs and other workplace expenses are completely eliminated. There are no occupancy costs, and payroll is typically kept to a minimum, or eliminated altogether. And since an internet business is by definition promoted on the internet, there are tremendous efficiencies in advertising expenses because you have no printing costs, and you’re not buying media or postage.

The other difference is that because of the vast reach of the internet marketplace, it is not uncommon for successful entrepreneurs to share their wisdom. Sifting through the clutter of internet scams and rip-offs, it is still possible to find proven and tested systems that literally provide a turnkey online business model. PRO U is one such system.

PRO U is a highly tested and refined training and marketing engine that eliminates countless learning curves and automates the process of filling the sales funnel. Prospects are attracted to your business, qualified and even sold by the PRO U team. While all of this happens in the background, the entrepreneur can focus on more important business matters, like building relationships and growing the business. It’s a turnkey blueprint for success in the form of a working business model that anyone can use.

Now, an online business might not be for everybody, especially if you have a lottery based mentality and are looking to “get rich quick.” (I suggest something like cash gifting or any of the countless money games out there. Bernie Madoff anyone?) But if you are seriously considering venturing into the world of legitimate online business, stack the deck in your favor. Understand that you are undertaking a real business, not a part time hobby. Arm yourself with a proven and tested system of success and align yourself with a team of experienced professionals who can lead you around the pitfalls that swallow most. PRO U won’t make your problems go away. But it can help you to start and build your own business quickly and efficiently, and to reap the tremendous rewards that await everyone who is willing to work for them.

To register for informational free webinar:  www.DrJill-Consulting.com
Hope to see you at the live webinar,
Dr Jill – Senior Marketing Consultant to
Justin Woolf and Jay Kubassek of ProU
Remember: Failure is the path of least persistence.

You make plans then life happens.

You set your goals, make you make your step by step plans to reach your goals then life deals you a curve.  What should you do now?                                            Other than shriek “Oh S…!”

“The best laid plans of mice and men…..” you know how that goes.  So the part of your planning you may have missed considering is contingency plans.  I am a Senior Marketing Consultant with an online company.  As such I do not punch a time clock, but I have timing for certain activities that need to be done.  I made my plans to reach my goals and keep revising them as I have grown in knowledge and experience and technology development.  What I did not count on was a significant family medical emergency turning my life and my organized plans upside down.  Some parts of my plans were put on the back burner, some altered while I attended to the family issues.  The support of family will always come first with me, but I did feel like I needed to be doing something productive.  Fortunately, I am an avid reader and had downloaded many books on content writing, marketing, subconscious mind, keyword development, financial crisis and two books by Napoleon Hill into my digital reader.  I was able to write advertisements and articles and save them in my digital reader and retrieve them later at home on my laptop. I do not have a wireless card for my laptop so I could not check business email or actually publish advertisements or articles until I got home in the evening, which was end of day very inconvenient for this tired brain!  I think the wireless card for the laptop will be a good investment as hospitals and MD offices do not like to share their wireless with patients and families.

My advice for all of us that are self employed online workers is to have contingency plans a little cache of stuff to work on that is portable.  I was lucky that I was as well prepared as I was when the emergency struck.   You might not be able to reach your goals in a straight line but you will be headed in the right direction.  Back up plans, extra “just in case” things are always a real bonus when life happens at those inconvenient times.